Interesting Facts About Life Of Famous People

The most interesting fact about the lives of famous people is that they are ordinary. Most of the time famous people appear as superheroes. The truth is that they are ordinary people who do ordinary things. Whether you’re thinking of Bill Gates or Tiger Woods, the facts below will cheer you up.

Bill Gates Was Programming At Age 13

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. The interesting fact about the life of Bill Gates is that he began programming at age 13. His career began at Lakeside. At his early teenage life, he became a personal computer programmer. Later in the year 1973, Bill Gates joined Harvard University.

Isaac Newton Founded The Cat Door

Isaac Newton is commonly known for his scientific inventions. However, an interesting Fact about the life of Isaac Newton is that he designed a pet door. A cat door is a portal in a window or wall that allow pets to enter into the house. Many homeowners today find the door very useful. Dog and cat owners find this attribute important as part of taking care of their pets.

Albert Einstein Slept 10 Hours A Night

Interesting Facts About Life Of Famous People
Interesting Facts About Life Of Famous People

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. He developed the theory of relativity which is a pillar to modern physics.

Sleep is good for your brain health. Einstein took this medical advice seriously. He slept for 10 hours every day. Currently, the average sleeping hours are 6.8 hours per night.

Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity At Age 23

In 1666, Newton discovered the force of gravity. The discovery observed a falling apple. When Newton watched the apple fall, he wondered why it did not go up. He concluded that there is a force pulling objects to the ground.

Shakespeare Invented The Word ‘Bump’ And “Assassination

Shakespeare is the greatest writer in English history. He is recognized for inventing over 1,000 new words in English. “Bump” and “Assassination” are the commonly used words accredited to him.

Eldrick Is The Real First Name Of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is an American Professional golfer. He is among the popular athletes of the 21st century. He is regarded as the best golfer in the world of all time. His real name is Eldrick Tont.

Leonardo Painted One Portrait For 10 Years

Leonardo is a famous artist who painted Mona Lisa painting. Interesting fact about the life of Leonardo is that he took ten years designing and painting a single Portrait. After completing the painting, he kept it for himself. The knowledge of art and science was inscribed on this single painting.

Walt Disney Won 35 Oscars

Interesting Facts About Life Of Famous People
Interesting Facts About Life Of Famous People

Walt Disney was the founder of Disney world. In his life, he won 35 Oscar awards. Currently, he holds the record of an academic award in history. He received a total of 26 Academic Awards. He is the holder of the record of the most nominated person in the history.

Albert Einstein Never Knew How To Drive

Albert Einstein thought that driving was too complicated. He preferred walking. However, the most interesting fact about the life of Albert Einstein is that he developed the theory of relativity. The theory is used in the manufacture of modern vehicles.

Parting Shot

The most famous people are and were ordinary people like me and you. The questions are simple; how will you be remembered? What fact describes you now?

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