Interesting Facts About Mountains

Earth is an amazing creation. It has all sorts of fascinating physical features. The mountains are on the dry ground and also under the sea. They form the highest points on the entire planet.

With their elevation, mountains can be seen from miles away. The following are interesting facts you need to know about mountains.

Movement Of Earth Crust Form Mountains

The earth has different plates that move regularly. The movements cause global phenomena such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

Volcanoes are the major causes of most mountain formations on the earth. Other mountains are as a result of fault blocks dropping or raising.  

Mount Everest Is The Highest Mountain On The Planet

Mount Everest is in the Himalayas. The height of the mountain is 29,029 feet above the sea level. The mountain is in the border of China and Nepal. Scientific estimates assume that the mountain is over 60 million years old. Every year the mountain grows in millimeters. The growth is caused by tectonic plate movement.

Mars Has The Largest Mountain In The Solar System

Mars has a mountain called Olympus Mons. The mountain reaches a height of 26 kilometers (16 miles). It has a base spread of 550 kilometers (341 miles).

Unlike the planet earth, Mars does not have a movement of the tectonic plate. Due to this reason, the Magma hotspot underneath the mountain remains fixed. The Lava repeatedly flows over time.  

Chimborazo Mountain Peak Is The Farthest Point From The Center Of The Earth 

Interesting Facts About Mountains
Interesting Facts About Mountains

The mountain stands at the height of 20564 feet (96,268 meters) above sea level. The distance from the earth core its only 6,384 kilometers.

Chimborazo is farthest than Mount Everest. The two mountains have a difference of two kilometers above sea level. This is due to the difference in diameter of the world on different continents.

Mid-Ocean Ridges Is The Longest Mountain Chain On Earth

The mountain is under the ocean. Approximately 90% of the mountain is under the ocean. The mountain stretches to an area of 40,389 miles.

The mid-ocean ridge has active volcanoes. They bring magma to the ocean floor due to the movement of earth plates. The magma flows continuously changing the surface of the earth.

North America Is The Home For Tallest Land-Based Mountain

Denali is the highest land-based mountain. The mountain has a height of 5,500 meters. It has a summit of 20,310 feet above sea level

Mount Kilimanjaro Require No Special Skills To Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro is in the border of Kenya and Tanzania, Africa. It is the only high-elevation mountain that does not require special experience or gear to climb. The mountain has an elevation of 5,895 meters.

Interesting Facts About Mountains
Interesting Facts About Mountains

Due to the ease of climbing, it carries many record-settings for mountain climbers. Below are some of the records.

–    The youngest climber was seven years old American boy.

–    The oldest Climber was 86 years old.

–    In 2011, Paraplegic Chris Waddell Scaled the mountain with a special handcycle.

–    A Quadruple amputee climbed to the top with the help of prosthetics.

–    The fastest ascent was 4 hours and 56 minutes by Swiss Mountain runner.


There are more interesting facts about mountains than we can discuss on this single article. Do you know Mount Kenya has snow on its peak? This is peculiar. The country is warm throughout the year.

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