Interesting Facts About Pandas

Pandas are famous among people around the world. They are one of the funniest and pleasant looking omnivorous animals. Pandas are from China. Giant pandas are white and black bears. They are very adorable, so kids love them so much. Generally, they are black and white; a rare brown panda does exist.

Interesting Facts About Pandas
Interesting Facts About Pandas

There are many interesting facts about pandas not known to the people out there. Being one of the cutest creatures on earth, pandas make the habitat more beautiful and adorable.

The Original Habitat In China

Pandas belong to bamboo forests of China. Pandas live in the dense bamboo forests in central China, on the mountain. Usually, the habitat is a higher bamboo forest at higher from mountains.

Pandas Are Omnivorous

Interesting Facts About Pandas
Interesting Facts About Pandas

The giant pandas are omnivorous, but generally, they eat bamboos for living. Pandas rarely eat small fishes and animals. Bamboo accounts for 99% of their daily diet. The mammals are very fond of bamboo trees.

These Mammals Are Frequent Eaters

The giant mammals eat almost half of the day. They are filling their stomach up to twelve hours a day. The pandas are the big eaters due to their eating habits all day. Pandas eat over 12 kgs of bamboo in a day that is more than enough for a day. It is one of the most interesting facts about pandas.

The Average Life Span Of A Panda Is About 30 Years

The giant mammals grow up to 1.2m-1.5m. Their average weight is in between 75-135 kilograms. The average life span of a panda is about 30 years in captivity. The life span of the pandas living in wild forest is not sure.

Originally Pandas Born Pink In Color

The newly born baby pandas are originally pink. It is one of the most interesting facts about a panda that they are born blind. After 6-8 weeks of birth, pandas can open their eyes. The length of a newly born panda is of a pencil, measures about 15cm.

They Rarely Meet After The Breeding Season

Previously, it is true that pandas are solitary animals. According to a recent study, pandas do not reach outside the mating season. The females and males come together occasionally, generally, communicate through calls and scent marks.

The female pandas usually give birth about one to two baby pandas (cubs) in every two years. The cubs spend some family time with the mother. They stay with the family for about 18 months. Then venture off to the dense forest on their own.

Now Endangered

Unfortunately, the beautiful giant bears are rarely present in the world. The study says, there only a thousand pandas are there in wild forests. They are going to extinct if not preserved timely. The pandas are becoming endangered day by day without proper attention.

Pandas Don’t Hibernate

Pandas move to Lower Mountain when winter approaches. They don’t sleep like other animals. Rather, they only migrate to warmer temperature areas in winters. They change their place one bamboo forest to another.

There are many interesting facts associated with the giant bears of China. Pandas are now less in society, so need extra attention.

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