Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know

No one can argue with facts. Knowing some interesting facts will make you appear wise at all times. If you are looking for facts to impress your circle, this article covers it all. You will also learn some interesting facts that you did not know.

A Muscle Cause Goosebumps

It’s an interesting fact that the Arrector pili muscle is responsible for Goosebumps.

Arrector Pili Muscles is muscles that are fan-shaped at the base of each body hair. The muscle contract to generate heat when the body is cold. The contraction also causes the hair to stand on the skin.

Early Adulthood Memories Are The Sharpest

Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know
Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know

It’s an interesting fact that people remember more of their twenties and teens memories. In psychology, this concept is called ‘The Reminiscence Bump.’ During the teenage and twenties, people reflect more on their daily events.

In early adulthood, the reflection causes the memories to stick into the minds. Therefore, age is responsible for shaping an individual’s life story.

Turritopsis Dohrinii Is The Jellyfish Species That Never Dies

Turritopsis Dohrinii is also called immortal or colloquially jellyfish. The interesting fact is that it never dies. After going through adulthood, the Jellyfish can revert into its adolescent state. The process it’s repeated for all its eternity.

You now wish human could be the same. I also have the same wish.

Nils Olav III Is A Penguin Knight

Have you ever thought of becoming a member of knighthood? It’s an interesting fact that a Penguin is living in Edinburgh Zoo with this title.

The penguin is a special figure in Norway’s military. It is the King of Norway’s mascot Guard. The penguin did an excellent job that in 2016, it got a promotion to be a Brigadier.

The Oldest Existing Song Is 3,500 Years Old

The song is known as “Hurrian Hymn No.6”. The music is in it’s original form on a clay tablet. The clay tabled was excavated from northern Syria in the 1400 B.C.

The song was later performed on lyre by Michael Levy. It’s an interesting fact to have it at this age. Search it online and listen now.

The Liver Is The Only Human Organ That Naturally Regenerates

Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know
Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know

It’s an interesting fact that out of all human organs, the liver is the only organ that regenerates. According to the research by Richard Bowen, the liver can adjust itself to match the host.

A human liver can regenerate in case of an injury. If you remove two-thirds of the liver, after a week it will be back to the original shape.

“Sweaterdresses” Is The Longest Word You Can Type With Left Hand Alone

For grammar sticklers, the longest word is “stewardesses.” If you forget the grammar, a little bit “Sweater-dresses” would be the longest word. Only the hyphen uses the right hand to type.

The longest word to type with the right hand is “johnny-jump-up.”

Lastly, don’t keep interesting facts to yourself. Share them with your friends. Educate them about self-adjusting liver to muscle that causes goosebumps.

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