Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Today we are living in an information world. Discoveries emerge every day. Therefore, learning different facts every day will keep you updated. Whether you are looking for ancient or modern facts, below are the interesting facts you need to know.

The Word ‘Testify’ Is Derived From Testicles

The theory of the word testify is derived from ancient Rome. It is associated with two men who took a public oath. As a sign of truthfulness, they held their testicles while swearing.  The incidence led to the emergence of the word testify.

According to the Latin language, the word ‘Testis’ has two meanings. Testicles and witness.

Humans Breath 23,000 Times In A Day

Breathing supports human life by supplying oxygen into the body and taking carbon dioxide out of the body. Human heart and lungs work together to ensure the human blood has enough oxygen.

On average humans breath 23,000 times in a day. Medulla Oblongata controls the act of exhaling carbon dioxide and inhaling oxygen.

Human Thigh Bones Are Stronger Than Concrete

Mature human bones are stronger than concrete. The strength of thigh bones is estimated to be four times the strength of concrete.

Thigh bone carries the entire body weight hence the need for strength.

Healthy Humans Produce One Liter Of Saliva Every Day

Saliva has different functions in the human body. The primary role is to help in digestion. It also prevents corrosion of teeth when an acidic substance comes into contact with the teeth.

Under each cheek, both in the upper and lower jaw, there are salivary glands. Every day, saliva production is around one liter.

Eye Muscles Are The Most Active

Interesting Facts You Need To Know
Interesting Facts You Need To Know

The position of the eyes is constantly re-adjusting. When an individual is awake, the eye is also in constant motion.

If the head moves, the eyes readjust to take up the head movement. The eyes external muscles keep adjusting to a new and steady fixation point.

For example, during one of reading, an eye makes over 10,000 movements.

However, the external eye muscles are subject to fatigue. This interesting fact explains why humans close their eyes when they sleep.

Liver Has Over 500 Different Functions

The primary function of the liver is to regulate chemical levels in the body. It removes all toxins to produce a bi-product called bile.

All the blood vessels leaving intestines and stomach goes through the liver. The liver breaks down and processes the blood substances.

The liver metabolizes all the drugs. It separates nontoxic and toxic substances. The toxics are broken down to bile. Bile enters the large intestine and is excreted together with faeces.

After the blood has left the liver, it goes through the Kidney. The kidney cleans all by-products.

Apart from cleaning blood, the liver has over 500 other functions.


There are more interesting facts in the world today. We cannot exhaust them in a single article. Whether you are looking to learn about the human body or English words, you will find interesting facts. Use the power of the internet.  The Internet is the best possession that we have in the 21st century. Check more facts in our other articles. You can learn all the interesting facts you need to know.

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