Walt Disney Interesting Facts To Keep You Amaze

Walt Disney Interesting Facts To Keep You Amaze

Walt Disney is a familiar name for all of us. But to amuse you, here we have some of the most interesting facts ever about this famous company. It was not always in such a good space as it is now. Here are some interesting facts about its journey that will make you find more facts about such other companies.

Most Interesting Facts About Walt Disney

  • He was the man who made our childhood colorful and full of fun with his cartoons and animated movies.
  • His life was going well with a decent job and a good salary when life took a screeching halt during the great depression.
  • The great depression struck the country in the year 1921. The revenue of his company Pesmen-Rubin had declined, and he was laid off as a cost-cutting measure. In just a short period, his life took an upside downturn, and he was aghast. During this moment in his life and amidst great pressure, he started his own company, “Laugh-O-Grams.”
Walt Disney Interesting Facts  To Keep You Amaze
Walt Disney Interesting Facts To Keep You Amaze

More Facts

  • The company took off well, and he managed to become a mini-celebrity in his small town. He grabbed a contract for six months from a local theatre. For this venture, he and his entire team worked hard for six months without any salary to finish the animation.
  • He had even borrowed money to pay for the project equipment. But then fate intervened. Just when they were about to complete their project, the distributors backed off, leaving him with mounting debts.
  •  Just when a normal person would give up and decide to shut down all the projects, Walt Disney came up with a brilliant idea. His revolutionary idea was to insert the footage of a real girl with an animation. Thus, came into being “Alice’s Wonderland,” which rose to be a massive hit.
  • In the end, he had to shut down his company and leave for Los Angeles with the dream of publishing his cartoon ‘Alice’s Wonderland,” hidden somewhere in his heart.
  • One day, he got a call from Mrs. Winkler, who had seen Alice Cartoon earlier and was impressed. She offered him a contract of $1,500 for six episodes. His life finally started showing some hope, but it was very short-lived. 
Walt Disney Interesting Facts To Keep You Amaze
Walt Disney Interesting Facts To Keep You Amaze

Know More

  • He established a new company called ‘Disney Brothers,’ along with his brother Roy and they soon blossomed with the association of ‘Winkler’ studio. They earned money and built new houses. At that time, their team created a new character, Oswald, the rabbit.
  • His happiness was short-lived as he soon came to know that the director of Winkler studio, Mintz had hired all his employees illegally and was planning to make new episodes without Walt’s help. He lost the rights of Alice and Oswald and was left shaken as the deceit.
  • Instead of going into depression, he instead channeled his energy and started developing a new cartoon character with his small team. It was at that time Mickey Mouse was born.
  • He made a couple of episodes of ‘Mickey Mouse’ but could not find a distributor. He soon came up with another idea of adding sound to his cartoons. This was an advanced technology and very expensive at that time. Viewers had no exposure to animated action being synced with sound, and if successful, it would be groundbreaking.

These were some interesting facts about his startup years that will compel you to find more about his future ventures and life.

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