Interesting Inventions In History

Interesting Inventions In History

Since their evolution, man has created, developed, and invented some crazy things on a mere surface of grass, soil, and water. When you look at the sky-scraping towers, airplanes, trains, roads, amusement parks, etc., you cannot help but wonder about the ingenious capacity of the human brain. If inventions have always amused you, then here we have some amazing and interesting inventions in history that have changed the face of the world.

Interesting Inventions in History

The Wheel

The wheel was invented in 3500 B.C., at a time, when humans did not have any modern tools, gadgets, or modes of transport. Although, we imagine, that creating the wheel would not have been tough. But the thought of connecting a flat surface or a non-moving huge platform on top of a wheel was the result of a sheer genius mind. Things got interesting when the same person came up with the wheel and axle concept. To create a perfectly round wheel with holes at the center to attach the axles was a tough job without any tools. But after a lot of failures and constant struggles, our first wheel with axles was created. It was with the help of this wheel that transportation came into being. Today, wheels are an important part of our daily lives right from clocks to vehicles to turbines.

Interesting Inventions In History
Interesting Inventions In History

The Nail

Just like the wheel, the nail was a key invention that changed the world. It was estimated to be invented more than 2,000 years back. It was invented after humans learned the art of casting and shaping metal. Until the 1800s, wrought-iron nails were used. A blacksmith would hit a square iron rod and then hammered it on all four sides to made it pointed. However, the technology to give the nails a pointed end continued to advance. Eventually, the mass production of steel nails began by 1886.

The Compass

The ancient mariners used the location of stars in the sky for their navigation. The first compass was invented between the 9th or 11th century. It was made of lodestone, which is naturally-magnetized iron ore. This compass helped the mariners to navigate safely far from land. This also helped increase sea trade.

The Printing Press

The printing press was invented somewhere around 1440. It was developed using the hand mold technique. This invention helped to create huge quantities of metal movable type. German Johannes Gutenberg holds the credit for the mechanized process of this invention. It was used to transfer the ink from the movable metal to paper. This process later increased the speed at which book copies could be made.

Interesting Inventions In History
Interesting Inventions In History

The Internal Combustion Engine

The combustion of a fuel in these engines releases gas at high-temperature. This gas expands and applies force to a piston, thereby moving it. Combustion engines were used to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. This engine took a lot of time to get invented.

These were some of the interesting inventions in history that changed the way of the world. These further lead to many other inventions.

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