Interesting Music Facts You Didn’t Know

Just like food is essential in our lives, so is music. It doesn’t matter whether you will listen to it from a live bird or singing birds. As a human, we enjoy the melody. It touches all parts of our lives. This article presents to you interesting music facts that you didn’t know.

The Inventor Of Electric Guitar Could Not Play Guitar

Leo Fender invented Electric Guitar. He developed guitar models from Telecaster to Stratocaster. The models have been used all over the world. The famous guitarist uses his model to entertain the world. Fender was a huge contributor to music. He is a legend. The most interesting music facts about him are that he couldn’t play guitar. He has never played guitar. Hence he made such huge contributions to the music world.

Music Triggers Production Of A Feel-Good Chemical

Dopamine chemical is responsible for the feel-good reaction in our bodies. The chemical is produced by the human brain. The chemical is produced through motivation or addictions. Music triggers the brain to produce the chemical. This is the reason music gives an awesome therapy to his listeners.

Music Utilizes The Entire Brain

People listening to music were studied. The Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging was used to monitor the brain. Results showed that music captures the auditory areas and uses all the other parts of the brain. The findings showed that music activates the creative, motor, and emotional brain areas.

The Original Music Is Always The Favorite

We all like the original version of every song we listen to. That’s a music fact. You don’t like it because it’s better than all the other versions. You like it because it’s the first song you heard.  The song that created a good impression to you will always be the favorite.

Business Use Music To Make You Spend More

Music facts have been used in Business to make money. Romantic music makes people spend more on love gifts. Jazz and classical in a restaurant makes you spend more. Bar owners turn the volume up when they want you to drink more.

Music Melodies Are Responsible To Our Response To Music Not Lyrics

Lyrics are important in music. They play their role well. However, music facts show that melodies are more important than the lyrics. A good song can reduce anxiety and increase pain tolerance. Romantic music help people make a better decision on love matters. Classical if the most relaxing genre of music. Jazz music is known for turning off some part of the brain causing the listener more creative.

Playing Musical Instruments Improves Social Life

Interesting Music Facts You Didn’t Know
Interesting Music Facts You Didn’t Know

Playing a musical instrument is good for the brain. It improves creativity. Improving social life is also a music fact. As a music player, you will join a musical group at some point. A group encourages you to play. It also builds up playing skills. At the end an individual gain social skill such as team playing, leadership, and team building. Playing instruments moves people from their comfort zone.

In conclusion, music is medicine to the soul. It can change your moods, and influence your decision. Choice of your music will determine your daily behaviors.

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