Invention Facts By Kids

Did you know there are some amazing instruments and things invented by kids? Some kids have genius minds. They could manage to create fascinating things with their simple logic and understandings. Here are some of the things invented by kids. These invention facts by kids will surely amuse you.

Invention Facts By Kids


The Braille language used for reading by blind people was actually invented by Louis Braille. He was just three when he suffered a serious eye injury. The infection spread to both his eyes and made him completely blind. He started tracing his finger over raised letters. At the age of 12, he learned the method of communication silently. Eventually, in 1824, he came up with Braille language. Later, a 12-year old Shubham Banerjee created the Braille printer in 2014. He used his LEGO Mindstorms set and named it Braigo. This one at $200 was much affordable than the $2000 alternative.

Invention Facts By Kids
Invention Facts By Kids

Christmas Lights

Before the invention of Christmas lights, people used actual candles to decorate a Christmas tree. This often leads to freak accidents of branches catching up the fire. When the electric lights were made, people were scared about electricity sparks burning down their houses. Finally, in 1917, a 15-year old Albert Sadacca created an affordable set of Christmas lights. These lights are now a part of every holiday season.


George Nissen was a teenage gymnast. His coach created a ‘bouncing rig’ that helped him generate power and then perform a somersault. It was originally made of scrap steel and tire inner tubes. This was later modified and called ‘trampoline.’ In 1950, gas stations bought trampolines to use as jump centers to entertain the kids while their parents got their cars refueled.

Invention Facts By Kids
Invention Facts By Kids

Toy Trucks

Robert Patch was just 5 years old when he cobbled together a few shoe boxes and bottle caps to create a vehicle that could be transformed into a dump truck, flatbed, and a box truck. His father was a patent attorney. He patented this design in his son’s name. By the time, Robert was six, the patent was granted. He still is the youngest patent holder in the world.


A lot of kids have short attention spans. In 1905, 11-year old Frank Epperson created the popsicles because of his short attention span. Once, when he was stirring a powdered drink mix into a cup of water, he forgot and left it there. When he found it the next morning, it has turned into a popsicle. Thus, began the invention of frozen treats. Epperson filed for a patent in 1924.

Water Talkie

Richie Stachowski was only in the fifth-grade when he invented the Water Talkie. This is a device that allows people to talk to each other underwater. This device was a superhit and later, Stachowski expanded his product line under the company called Short Stack.

These interesting inventions by kids are truly amazing. These invention facts by kids are too good to be true. Some of them were created just by fluke and were later patented by their parents.

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