Knowing The Secrets And Weird Facts About Dolphins

weird facts about dolphins

The fact that dolphins are highly social beings is also a fact that is very interesting. They are very sociable animals and prefer to live in schools with other dolphins in the wild. While this might sound like an oxymoron, it is true. These dolphins also enjoy playing together and when in captivity enjoy spending time with each other freely.

Like To Be Alone In The Wild

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Some of the other less known facts about Dolphins include the fact that they like to be alone in the wild, but will always return to the same location to feed. Dolphins also enjoy swimming in large groups, like pods, and prefer to swim with others of their kind. While a single dolphin may be timid, others will remain shy and stay alone.

Another interesting fact about dolphins is that they like to interact with other species of dolphins and fish as well. They form bonds and friendships with other dolphins and even members of their own species and other animals in the wild. They also form long-term relationships with other types of marine mammals like whales, dolphins and fish. This type of relationship is known as a mother-child bond and is more common in the wild. In captivity a mother dolphin will give birth to young that are no bigger than one or two feet in length.

A Process Of Natural Selection

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A fact that is less known about Dolphins is that they have evolved over thousands of years through a process of natural selection. Through this process, certain traits have been passed on to the dolphin genes. These dolphin traits include a striped coat, which are the most common dolphin color; the ability to speak, and the ability to heal once bitten by another dolphin. The reason for the scar on their face has not been clearly determined, but it appears to come from a common injury that the animal received during its early development.

When people attempt to pick up the dolphin by holding a finger inside its mouth, the dolphin will not make any sounds. This is referred to as the ‘black-box’ effect and was first noticed by the U.S. military during the Second World War. In a study made by scientists, it was found that dolphins vocalize only when they are angry, fearful or stressed. Since dolphins are one of the few animals that are capable of communication on an emotional level, this ability may very well be an extremely important tool in their daily lives.

They Have No Teeth

Another fact about dolphins that is even more intriguing is that they have no teeth. While many people believe that these animals have sharp little teeth, this is simply not the case. Even though dolphins can squeeze their jaws together to tear their prey apart, they do not have any sharp teeth. In fact, dolphins are known to slap their prey with their tail, making deep slaps with their snout. Their lips are also very unique, being highly evolved with a series of stretch marks along their sides.

One of the most popular odd facts about dolphins is that they can communicate using body language similar to a human child. For instance, a dolphin may flounce its tail and point at something interesting to the party.


When a dolphin points its snout, a partygoer may notice that it makes a certain facial expression. When a Dolphin shows fear, its body language changes and a dolphin may hold its head in the water. These are just some of the ways in which dolphins can communicate.

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