Laugh It Off: A List Of Our Favorite Funny Music

Laugh It Off: A List Of Our Favorite Funny Music

Tickle Your Funny Bone

We have all heard of the famous saying – Laughter is the best medicine. Indeed it is, for nothing can compare to the joy of laughing wholeheartedly. Be it funny puns or funny jokes or even funny music; laughter can chase away all your sorrow and pain, even if it is for a little while. Therefore, hear some funny music.

Laugh It Off: A List Of Our Favorite Funny Music
Laugh It Off: A List Of Our Favorite Funny Music

Nothing eases the mind like some good music. However, good music does not always have to be soft and gentle. Good music is any music which makes you feel better. This is precisely the reason why funny music is also considered to be a part of good music. This distracts your mind and helps you calm down while sharing some laughter with those around you. Funny music than can be an effective means of laughter therapy alongside joke and funny puns.

Gangnam Style

Nothing says funny louder than lyrics you can’t make sense of. This song became the first YouTube video to reach a billion views all over the world. This is a Korean song, and the catchphrase is a term used to denote the pattern of living associated with the Gangnam district of Seoul. This is, without a doubt, the best funny music video of recent times.

The Fox

Also known as ‘What Does The Fox Say?’, this song was released back in 2013 and had approximately five hundred million views on YouTube. This funny music was created by Ylvis, who is a Norwegian comedy duo. Initially created as a joke, this song soon became a superhit.

The Duck Song

This song, originally meant for children, became famous after a funny music video was created for it. Written by Bryant Oden, in this song, a duck comes to a lemonade stand regularly and asks for grapes. This YouTube video is an excellent blend of irony and humor. Although it can be very annoying initially, you eventually grow to love it.

Laugh It Off: A List Of Our Favorite Funny Music
Laugh It Off: A List Of Our Favorite Funny Music

Crazy Frog

For some of us, this may have been the very first music video we ever saw. Created in 2003 by Erik Wernquist, this song was also called “The Annoying Thing” and became very popular because of its animated, funny music video. It was such a hit that it now has three albums!

Mean Kitty

The mean kitty song may be one of the oldest funny music in the list. Released in 2007, this song has a striking eighty-three million views. Funny animals can often generate unhindered laughter, and this cat, Sparta, will immediately make you love it.

Research has shown that people who laugh frequently tend to lead happier, healthier lives when compared to those who are continually worrying or brooding. This is not to say that those who laugh often don’t have anything to stress about. They do. However, finding a reason to smile helps them cope better with whatever it is that has been causing them anxiety in the first place. This helps ease the mind and can help clear your mind. This, in turn, can help you find a solution to your problem quicker.

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