Learn Some Cool Weird Facts

cool weird facts

Did you know that there are actually cool weird facts? Not many people have heard about them. They are a great way to get started learning more about the world and what makes it unique. Some are even crazy enough to share them with others who might be interested in the subject.

Make Some Fun

A train is coming down the mountain

Some people are into astrology. If you are not, you should give it a try. It is interesting to read about the sun signs and stars. That can really spice up your science class or your chat class. Maybe you could use it to impress your friends.

Did you know that insects are cool? They can be found all over the world. When they are not munching on something, they are just sitting there waiting for you to come by and take a look. A cool weird fact about these animals is that they are beautiful, elegant and very complex.

Did you know that ants are the only creatures in the world that make a sound? They make a lot of noise. It is called “roaring”. They can travel up to 50 miles per hour. A cool weird fact about them is that their wings are shaped like an “L”.

Did you know that dogs are the only animal that does not make a poop? They defecate inside their “pot”. This is a type of abode called the “ruins”. A cool weird fact about dogs is that they are only about fifty-five percent maned. The rest of their body is made up of fur.

Dont Miss These Facts

Did you know that birds are one of the only animals with two hearts in one body? It is called a “beaten bird”. A cool weird fact about them is that when a bird has to go through an organ such as the liver, it will beat its heart out to pump blood around the body. The beating of the heart makes a lot of noise. If you were scared of the loud noises in the middle of the night, now you know why.

Have you ever heard of eagles’ wings? Those are known as eagle wings because of the shape. It is a rare type of bird that only has two wings. On the other hand, swans, dolphins, seals, walnuts, lions, elephants, hippos, deer, eagles, cats, dogs, chickens and other animals have more than two wings. Some of the most common cool facts about these animals are that they all have wings, they all fly, some of them swim, they all have thick fur and they make sounds.

One of the most popular facts is the age old one hour-worm myth. People have always said that if a person can live for one hour, he will never get old. Now this is not entirely true. According to researchers, the one hour-worms do actually live for a good few hours, but if they are exposed to too much light, they die. The weird part is that they actually look like little worms. If you really want to become one of the one hour-worms, then you must stay away from artificial light.

Hilarious One

Did you know that cats are the only animals with a sense of right and wrong? They choose their own food and they do not let any of their friends take food out of their mouths without their permission. However, there are a lot of superstitions in the world that have started with people. For example, if you are doing something bad or if you have done something good, then you will experience a change in personality. Therefore, if you believe that you have done something good, then you might also experience a change in your personality.

A lot of people believe in astrology. For example, if you are born on September fourth, then you will have a yin or feminine energy. However, this is not true at all. You will know this only if you have a personal horoscope. If you believe that you will be born on a certain date, then you will also have to believe in the fact that it will bring you good luck. There is a lot of superstition in astrology but people should also know that the earth and the stars also have an effect on human’s life.

A lot of people like to believe in ghosts. This is because they cannot see the dead, they only hear about it. However, the scientific community does not accept this fact because there is no evidence to prove that ghosts exist.


There are a lot of myths in the world. Most of them have been around for ages. Some of them can be considered as real facts while others are just myths. It is up to you to decide what is true and what is not. We just want to share some cool weird facts with you so that you will have a better understanding on how people view the things around them. We hope that you will come to find out that not all of these weird beliefs are true.

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