List Of Random Facts About The US

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There are many reasons why people enjoy doing this and they range from those who just like doing it for the fun factor to others who want to get some facts and trivia. While there are many things that can be listed as a fun fact, there are some that are actually very important and should be remembered. Here are ten list of random facts that you should know about.

History Of World

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The world was introduced in the 16th century with the discovery of America by Europeans and there can be no debate on the fact that Europeans have contributed more to the world than any other group of people. There is no argument however on the fact that China contributed to it and that North Korea and Vietnam are trying to do the same. World War II is known to be the greatest war to ever happen in the history of mankind and lists of fun facts about the Second World War can include the names of all the Americans who died in the war. It is also possible to find out what the top ten worst movies are according to historians.

On the list of fun facts about the U.S. you will find that Washington, D.C. was called “the city of mansions” since there were so many mansions and they all had a marble lobby. The U.S. capital is made up of three major parts namely: the Presidential house, the U.S. Congress and the Executive Office Building. The most popular tourist destination in D.C. is the National Mall, which is often referred to as the “traffic circle”. The Mall is one of the largest malls in the country and it is considered the most expensive shopping mall in the world. The Mall is also home to a large section of the American Tourist Agency.

Six States Of U.S.A

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The most popular fact about the U.S.A. is the fact that it has six states – Delaware, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. There is a popular trivia game on the website of the U.S. Capital that asking people to guess the names of the 50 states. The winner of this trivia game gets a “chalkboard” with a list of the fifty states that has been put together by a professional writer. The list of the fifty states is very long and includes not just the states but each state’s capital. Another interesting fact about the U.S.A. is that it is the only nation in the world that has two foreign languages – English and Spanish.

Some fun facts about the U.S.A. are as follows: America is the only developed country in the world that has not developed any oil in its entire history. America is also the only civilized nation that has not yet invented any medicines. America is the only nation that has no army, navy or air force. America is also the only country that has not produced any millionaires by being born rich.

Wealthy Country – USA

There are many fun facts about the U.S.A. that make Americans feel good about themselves. One fun fact is that the U.S.A. is the only wealthy country not to have experienced a total collapse of any economy since the Great Depression of 1929. Another fun fact is that the U.S.A. ranks 5th in the world for total GDP per capita.

Final Words

List of trivia facts about the U.S.A. is readily available on many websites. One can also buy a book containing a compiled list of current and historical facts about the U.S.A. This would be a good purchase, especially if one was going on a trip to the U.S.A. on a vacation. On a day trip, this would be a great source of fun and education. On a long term visit, it could be useful to refresh one’s memory about some of the more recent trivia.

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