New Facts About The U.S. And More In The 50 States

New Facts About The U.S. And More In The 50 States

New facts, fun facts, unknown facts, these have a special attraction that we all feel whenever we encounter, isn’t it? And, when the facts are about the United States of America, things become a lot more interesting quite automatically. So, if you have been planning a trip to the USA, or simply curious about the nation that has a rich history with numerous interesting and fascinating tales, you will simply love reading “The 50 States: Explore The U.S.A. With 50 Fact-Filled Maps!”

The 50 States: Explore The U.S.A. With 50 Fact-Filled Maps – New Facts With Twists!

A book with maps that provide new facts on the USA in a fun and quirky way! Well, I was quite literally sold the moment I laid my eyes on the presentation of the book. Till date, the only books that I have encountered having detailed maps are the atlas. And, who hasn’t grown up memorizing various parts of the atlas for their geography lessons? Exactly! And, not all among us were in love with geography, or history, for that matter. So, when I found something that actually seems to be making these lessons fun and providing interesting new facts at the same time, I simply had to check it out.

Gabrielle Balkan With The New Facts On The U.S.A.

So, as I turn the pages of the book, I must admit, Gabrielle Balkan, the author of the book, certainly knows how to make the United States history and geography quite fun even to the ones who are no fan of the subject. Are you interested, or intrigued at the very least? That’s what I felt as I kept going through the book. So, we begin with a short history about the state, find out more about its geography and history, and finally, as we end reading about the state, we are already filled with unquenchable desire to explore every bit of the state. The strangest part is, you will feel the same effect even if you are the one living within the very same state you are reading about. More often than not, we ignore the place we are staying at, the most. Therefore, it is time to don the traveler suit, isn’t it?

A Great Gift For Kids

This book can be a great gift for any kid. The book contains interesting new facts besides the various details about all the 50 states of the United States of America. Every state introduction is followed by the name of the capital, the borders shared, names of various men and women who have contributed through the history and belong to that particular state, and many more unknown fun facts. You will find that your kids will take a special interest in the history of these states and that of the United States of America simply because of the way it is being revealed to them. In my opinion, this is certainly one of those books that I will want my kids to have the moment they are old enough to understand.

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