Random Facts About Countries In The World

We live in a single world divided by continents and further by countries. Every country is unique. In every state, there are different cultures.

Below are the top random facts about different countries across the world.

Perth Is The Windiest City In Australia

Perth is the city of Australia. It has the hottest Mediterranean climate. The town is the windiest and sunniest city in Australia. It’s considered the world’s third windiest city.

Switzerland Eats Most Chocolate

On average, every person in Switzerland eats 10 Kgs of Chocolate every year. This is the highest consumption in the world. World Chocolate brands have production plants in the country. Switzerland is the home of the best chocolate flavours in the world.

You Can Buy Banana Beer In Uganda

Uganda is the leading country in farming East African Highland Bananas. The bananas are also called Lujugira or Mutika. Bananas are a staple food in Tanzania, Uganda, and other lake countries. They are used to cook Matoke.

 The locals in Uganda ferment Lujugira to brew banana beer.

Australia’s Original Name Was New Holland

New Holland is a European historical name referring to Australia Mainland. In 1940, Abel Tasman (a Dutch Seafarer) used the name for the first time. The whole Southern Land later adopted the name in 1788. However, the continent’s coastline had no name. British settlement in Sydney claimed the New South Wales. The claim left the western part alone named as the New Holland. The name remained until the Mid-1850s.

Later, the name “Australia” became the official name of the unclaimed New Holland.  

Originally French Fries Were From Belgium

Random Facts About Countries In The World
Random Facts About Countries In The World

The name ‘French Fries’ might be misleading. You could easily think that French fries originated from France. However, French fries originated from Belgium. According to Historians, Potatoes frying began in the late 16th Century.

Initially, French fries were a staple food for poor villagers in the Valley of Meuse. The chips were eaten together with fried fish caught in the nearby river. The villagers could not afford to buy any other food.

Brazil Covers 50% Of The South American Continent

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world. The only larger countries are the United States, China, Canada, and Russia. It is a country located in the eastern South American Continent. Brazil claims 50% of the continent.

The Croissant Originated From Austria

A croissant is a flaky, buttery, Viennoiserie pastry with Australian origin. Its name comes from a traditional crescent shape. Layered leavened dough make the Croissants.

In 1839, the croissant invention came to the world. An Austrian artillery officer invented it. August Zang, came up with the recipe when he founded Rue De Richelieu at 92. Croissant came before the invention of Viennoiseries and its adaptation from the plainer.

Nokia Name Refers To A Place In Finland

Random Facts About Countries In The World
Random Facts About Countries In The World

Nokia is a mobile phone and electronic manufacturing company. Microsoft acquired the company in 2016.

The most common theory about the name of the company comes from Finland. The theory claims the name originated from two words; ‘nois’ and ‘nokinaata.’ These are archaic finish words meaning sable.

The name later referred to dark-coated fur animals that found in Finland up to this day. The mobile manufacturing company adopted the name.

In Conclusion, did you know Antarctica is the only uninhabited continent? Snow covers the entire continent. Random countries present us with random facts.

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