Random Facts

In life, many things that happen randomly. We tend to call them coincidences. Some of the random facts are unbelievable. The list below presents random facts that you will amaze you.

Electric Cars Were Commonly Used In 1909

Do you think Electric cars are new technology? You might have to think again. They existed and operated in the early 90s. In 1909, electric cars were the most common mode of transport in New York.

The cars were popular with women. They covered over 100 miles on a single charge. There were charging stations in all parts of the New York City. People preferred electric cabs instead of riding on gasoline cars.

Panda Ant Is Named After A Panda

The panda ant is a rare type of insects. It resembles a Panda in marking hence it’s naming.

The insect doesn’t belong to a class of ants. It’s a type of wingless wasp. The insects were in Chile in the year 1938.

For the size of their body, their sting is powerful. The ant can bring down a large animal as Elephant with only a few stings. The panda ant sting is severe and powerful as compared to all other wasps.

Human are the Sweatiest Primates

Random Facts
Random Facts

There is no other animal that sweat as humans. Human sweat features in our random facts.

Approximately, people have five million sweat glands. The sweat glands in the human body produce up to three gallons of sweat daily.

The production of human hair is inversely related to sweat production. The loss of human air is related to an increase in the sweat glands in the body.

Saliva Prevents Teeth Corrosion When Vomiting

Another random fact, saliva prevents teeth corrosion. Saliva, fill the mouth when during an urge to vomit. The saliva produced naturally by salivary glands. The saliva neutralizes the acid from the stomach and prevents corrosion of teeth enamel.

Original Bulb Expectancy Was 2500 Hours

Before the year 1925, the bulb expectancy was 2500 hours. Philips, General Electric, and other bulb manufacturers formed a cartel. The cartel was called Phoebus Cartel. It colluded against the bulb consumers.

The Cartel increased the price per bulb. At the same time, the life expectancy of the bulbs reduced to 1000 hours.

Artificial demand for bulbs rose. The total sales were high at the same high prices.

I thought you should know a random fact that could be affecting you.

Standard Football Field Should Face North/South

Have you ever observed the football field keenly? It faces North/South. The NFL set the standards. Building a field facing north/south ensures the sun doesn’t affect the game.

Wild Pigs Are The Most Destructive Animals In America

Random Facts
Random Facts

In Texas alone, more than $400 million damages are done by Wild Pigs yearly. The animals are ranked as the most destructive living things in America.

A wild pig can dig 3-foot-deep pits in a farm. It can destroy crops in a short period. The pigs also prey on calves, goats, lambs, sea turtle eggs, chicken, and every small animal.

In conclusion, when you see an electric car around remember it’s an ancient by technology. In 1909, they were the most popular cars. The cartels in the market influenced production and supplies. That could be the reason we are used to gasoline cars.

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