Random History Facts to Blow Your Mind

random history facts

Are you peeping for some random history facts? Or scratching your old books to find some interesting historical facts?

During school time we all have studied historical facts that sometimes give you the feeling of pleasure, happiness, fear, sadness, and much more. And Manier times you wonder to know about the history of the world and your country.

Well, despite all this, there are many more facts which you don’t know or your teacher would not have told you!

So, we are here for you with some cool and random history facts about the world, to enhance your knowledge and learn something new.

1. The Great Alexander Accidentally Buried Alive!

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Yes, this fact is horrifying and shocking, but true.

Scientists believe that he was just paralyzed but mentally aware.

2. Julius Caesar- was spiked 23 times: Random History Facts

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Among all the random history facts, this is the most terrible one.

Julius Caesar is one of the most exemplary names attached to the Romans. Similarly, his butchery has shaken the entire world to the fullest.

His group of friends from Roman legislators brutally butchery him in 44 BC, March 15. And this was led by one of his best friends, Brutus.

3. In Rome- Female Fighters Were There: Random History Facts

A single female wrestler is known as Gladiatrices or Gladiatrix.

Their purpose was to execute criminals, fighting animals in several fighting pits in Rome, fighting among themselves.

4. Rasputin was shot and poisoned, still survived!

From the book of random history, facts let us tell you that Rasputin was a holy man from Russia.

The Russian Royals called him to the party and offered him to have wine & cake with cyanide. And triggered a gun on his chest.

And finally, this is most horrid for them to know, Rasputin started having a cough and they realized that he was alive!

5. Wearing Skirts Was Courageous Formerly In Greece: Random History Facts

This random history fact will amaze you, but yes, in Greece wearing skirts was considered as manly. Wearing trousers were considered effeminate and mock a man who wore that.

6. Pope Gregory IX Known For Declaring War against Cats!

This is because he considers cats as an agent of bad worshippers. But the war was not against all cats, it was particularly for black moggies.

7. People prepared clothes from food sacks At The Time of the Great Depression!

People make use of potato sacks, flour bags for having clothes. So, the food distributors make more colorful sacks to help people in looking a bit fashionable.

8. The World’s Earliest Parliament Is In Iceland: Random History Facts

They rooted it in 930 and from then; they stayed it as an acting parliament.

9. Only 1 man can survive both the atomic bombing of Nagasaki & Hiroshima.

These are interesting and random history facts. A man of 29 years of age, who was a Naval Engineer, naming Tsutomu Yamaguchi, has survived 2 nuclear bombings in 2 days.

10. 38 Minutes Of War Is The Shortest War: Random History Facts

This war has been fought between Zanzibar & Britain and is known as the Anglo-Zanzibar War. This war took place on August 27th, 1896.

Conclusion On Random History Facts

All these random history facts are nevertheless for studios as well as average people. If you like these fantastic and random history facts, then shower your love in the comment section below!

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