Random Statistical Facts That Will Make You Wonder

random statistical facts

Did you know that the Americans preferred french fries to every other way to eat potatoes? Did you even know that 71 percent of Americans name Alexander Hamilton as a U.S. president? Often we don’t realize it, but statistics are involved inherently in our daily life. Every passing day, we all are making innumerable decisions based on these statistics. So, are you curious to know about some random statistical facts? If yes! Then continue reading this content. Generally, it is used in business, banking, politics, medical sectors, and various other fields. Today we have brought some interesting random statistical facts that will make you wonder.

One-third Of Adults Sleep With A Sentimental Object

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You will be surprised after knowing that one-third of adults still sleep with a stuffed object like a teddy bear or any other sentimental object. According to a survey of 2,000 adults, 34 percent of adults still sleep carrying a teddy bear, blanket, or other stuffed animal.

19 Percent Of Men Do Housework In America As Compared To 49 Percent Of Women

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We are moving closer to reaching that place where household work is broken impartially between women and men. But according to a survey, just 19 percent of men do housework in America each day compared to 49 percent of American women.

The Population Of Earth Has Become 22 Times Bigger

According to a survey, Earth’s total population has grown more than 22 times from 1000 to 2000. There were 275,000,000 people in July of the year 1000, and there were 6,145,006,989 people in July of 2000.

A Person Can Walk Around The Earth 4.5 Times During The Life

A person makes 7,500 steps daily with an average life expectancy of about 80 years. Using this data, scientists have calculated that a person can walk about 180,000 kilometers during their lifetime. In other words, a person can walk around the Earth 4.5 times during their lifetime.

More Than Half- Billion Instagram Accounts Are Active Every Day

According to the internal data Instagram, the picture-sharing platform, has become a place for an incredible more than 500 million active accounts in a day. Even those active accounts are scrolling if they are not posting a picture daily. This platform also estimated that more than 1 billion accounts have some activity every month.

Just 9 Percent Of Americans Say That Baseball Is Their Favorite Sport

It may not be untrue to say that baseball might be a pastime for Americans. But, according to data, baseball is the favorite sport to watch for only 9 percent of Americans. Whether football is 37 percent of Americans favorite sport to watch that has continued its winning streak.

Final Words

We are trying to share the most interesting and random statistical facts about the things around us. You have not noticed many statistical facts before; all of these are just a few of them. You will be amazed after knowing these interesting facts worldwide and will keep an eye on the facts like that.

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