Really Weird Facts About Pregnancy

Really Weird Facts

There are some really weird things that can happen during pregnancy that many women are not prepared for. If you do not believe me, take a look at the list below. Some of these are true and some of them are definitely myths. This is a list of the top 10 really weird things that can happen to you during pregnancy. We hope that this list of really weird things that can happen during pregnancy can help you be prepared for what is to come.

Really Weird Facts About The Body During Pregnancy

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First off, if a pregnant woman has any type of bleeding during pregnancy it is advised that she go to the hospital. This is because there could be something very serious going on. One thing that happens is the development of umbilical cord blood. It is believed by many experts that the umbilical cord blood is very beneficial because it gives the baby all of its nutrients that he or she needs.

Another funny fact is that you may find yourself feeling dizzy after you have your baby. You may also feel light headed but after having your baby you may find that your vision is getting worse.

Another really weird fact that happens to most pregnant women is spotting. Spotting may occur for one of several reasons. It may be because you are dehydrated. It could be because your skin is getting oily or because of the hormones you are taking.

It is believed that some women get more dizzy during their pregnancy than others. This is due to the fact that your body can have a tendency to have changes in its equilibrium. There are many other causes that might cause this.

Finally, the last really weird fact that happens to you during pregnancy is that you may have trouble breathing. If you have problems breathing during this time you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Really Weird Facts That Can Be Myth Too

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Now, there are many other really weird things that you may experience during pregnancy. The one we are going to discuss here is the fact that you will lose a lot of weight during your pregnancy. This weight gain can happen to both men and women. Your body will need some energy so you can use that energy to support the growing baby.

Some people may claim that you will be a balloon baby when you give birth. This is a myth as well. If you give birth to a baby, you will be a balloon baby that falls straight down the hatch.

Some people may claim that they feel like they are on death’s door when they give birth. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you give birth to your baby, you will feel more comfortable and you will not worry so much about death. Your body will be getting the nutrients it needs so that it can support the baby.

During pregnancy you will also experience many of the same mood swings that you will experience throughout your entire life. This is especially true with women. There are some women who are going to feel depressed during this time and then there are others that feel depressed for a long time.

A Few More Weird Facts

There is one really weird fact that can make you feel more tired and weak than ever before, and that is the fact that you may feel your baby’s heart rate increase.

There are many other weird things that you will experience during pregnancy. These are just a few of them.

One other really weird fact that has to do with the fact that you will get acne in the months after you give birth. The reason for this is because of the hormonal changes that your body will go through. If you avoid eating oily foods and don’t eat a lot of junk food and then you will find that your skin will look better overall.

If you have someone else give you a baby shower cake at this party, remember to make sure that they give you one. This way you can eat it with everyone else. and then have a nice quiet moment in the middle of it to remember that you are pregnant all over again.

Of course there are also some really weird foods that you will have to stay away from during this time. These include chocolate, caffeine and alcohol. Just remember to watch what you eat.

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