Remote Control Snake

Rechargeable Remote Control Snake That Can Excite Your Kids

If you are up for pranking your friends with some toy snakes, then the remote control snake toy is just perfect for you. Besides the kids, the adults would also be fascinated while they play with this toy. When one plans for making a prank, then the first idea of prank becomes to scare the victim. One can do it easily with the wild animals. But if you have plans to scare your friends with a tiger mask, then that can be a failure. Everybody can realise that it is a toy. But if you choose a remote control snake to scare them, that would be totally realistic in every way. Let’s check out this remote control snake for making pranks.

Remote Control Snake Rechargeable Toy

The thing that makes it unique from other prank snakes available in the market is that it is not static like others. You do not need to throw it to your friend and expose yourself. What you need to do is to keep it on the path and control it from the hideout. This snake toy can be moved and it is up to your control. There are different colours of this remote control snake. For instance, you can have it in pink, blue, lemon yellow as well apart from the realistic colour. We would recommend you to go for a realistic colour so that it looks scarier. Moreover, it does not need a wire for controlling it. The remote control of the snake has the wireless feature so that no one can find out that it is being controlled by someone. There are different other features of this product as well. Let’s have a look.

Easy To Use

Apart from being wireless, it is lightweight as well. It enables the user to carry it wherever they want. The snake is made of plastic and it has the size of a real snake as well. Moreover, you do not need to worry about its battery. The product package comes with three L1154Button Batteries. These batteries are easily rechargeable. So, you do not need to keep buying batteries for recharging it. You can charge the snake by using the USB port attached in the snake. Also, it takes only a few minutes for charging it to the fullest. However, the snake can be controlled from approximately 10 meters of distance. Along with that, the remote control snake has a long time span to stay active as well. It means that you need not buy a snake every month for making pranks with people.

So, if you are planning to gift something to your prank lover friend or kid, this is a perfect choice. Though we would recommend you to stay alert after presenting it. This is so because you might be the first victim of the prank despite you have presented it to them. So, you should stay alert for your own safety.

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