Scientology Weird Facts That Every Curious Soul Must Know

scientology weird facts

Americans are captivated with Scientology, as evidenced by the HBO documentary “Scientology: A Prison Of Belief.” Scientology has a secretive and paranoid aura about it, which, when paired with its links to celebrities like Tom Cruise, makes it a fascinating phenomenon. Much of this is explored in HBO’s documentary, which has been seen as a damning picture of the church. It’s no secret that Scientology has a number of troubling, cultish, and maybe illegal characteristics. Here are some Scientology Weird Facts-

  1. A Fishy Background Of The Founder Of Scientology
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L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer who holds the Guinness World Record for Most Published Works By One Author, created Scientology. Aliens appear in Scientology’s founding documents and the church’s origin myth. Religion, on the other hand, denies that aliens exist. 

Scientology’s founder once denounced his wife for murdering their kid. Hubbard is a divisive character, especially for his paranoid and abusive traits, which the religion appears to have embraced as well. When his second wife threatened to leave him, he allegedly abducted their daughter. He then contacted his wife and said he’d slaughtered the girl, but she was still alive when he returned the call.  It is certainly one of Scientology weird facts.

  1. A Super Weird Culture

Members feel compelled to discuss their sex life. Scientologists must go through an auditing procedure in which the church asks them very intimate questions about their life. The church keeps extensive records of the procedures, and the inquiries frequently refer to people’s sex life, thus this appears to be a kind of blackmail. It might threaten to expose this information if members wish to quit the church.  It is certainly one of the Scientology weird facts.

  1. According To Scientologists, Mental Disease Does Not Exist

Psychiatrists were wicked in Hubbard’s eyes, and he even referred to them as terrorists. Scientologists reject psychology and are adamantly opposed to the use of psychiatric medicine. Former Scientology members have detailed what seems to be a “prison camp” where rebellious members were transferred for “re-indoctrination.” People were forced to consume meagre meals and work hard in the camp, known as the Rehabilitation Project Force.  It is certainly one of Scientology weird facts.

  1. Scientology Was Probed By The Fbi For People Trafficking
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According to The Telegraph, the church has been accused of enslaving its members. Indeed, it has frequently been claimed that once you join the church, it is virtually hard to leave. Scientology deliberately seeks out famous members in order to boost its influence and prominence.  It is certainly one of Scientology weird facts. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are two of the most well-known, but many other celebrities have left the religion for various reasons. There have further been accusations of church leaders using violence, prompting the FBI to look into how members could be manipulated and blackmailed into staying.

  1. Scientology Is Always Preparing For The End Of The World

Scientology isn’t the only church to mention the apocalypse, but not every group is preparing for it by digging secret bunkers in the woods. Nuclear-proof shelters and enormous vaults with Hubbard footage are among the bunkers. Any Scientology-affiliated group is no longer allowed to modify Wikipedia pages. The church has been accused of seeking to suppress material that is critical of them on several occasions. It is certainly one of the Scientology weird facts.

Final Words

This is unsurprising given Scientology’s hostile and authoritarian connection with the media and the Internet. The belief system of Scientologists is a strange topic until you are on the inside. Some things are better left alone, no matter how much you try to comprehend them. Take a trip inside Scientology, though, if you want to widen your horizons and discover more Scientology weird facts.

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