Solar System Facts That You Will Find Very Interesting

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The solar system facts make you think about beyond our planet Earth. It is a blessing that Earth is the only planet to have almost a transparent atmosphere as part of the system. That’s why we can look at the skyscape every day and observe the day-night changes. Our ancestors noticed for a long time to understand that there are more planets that are rotating the Sun, just like Earth.

In the ancient era, people believed that stars reign on our path of destiny. However, as science has made discoveries, our eyes have opened to the world beyond Earth. We now know that planets, moons, asteroids, and comets surround the Sun. So, why not learn about the solar system with more intensity?

Solar System Facts That You Will Find Interesting
Solar System Facts That You Will Find Interesting

Solar System Facts: The Leftovers

Yes, the solar system has leftovers in the form of comets and asteroids. These leftovers are also part of our solar system moving past the weathers of the planets and moons. We realize that we are a very small part of the entire Sun family. There are more beyond the big planets and their moons. Do you know that these leftovers are responsible for bringing water, ice, and organic elements to our planet? That’s how this place became habitable for life.

Planets Rotate On the Same Plane In the Same Direction

After Pluto has been considered as a “dwarf planet” by the definition of planets from IAU, we have eight planets. Interestingly, each of these bodies follows the direction while rotating the Sun. Along with that, all these planets are on the same “plane” or axis. This revelation supports the theory of solar system formation in a great way. The theory tells that the entire solar system has come into life as a dust cloud and a large gas condensed. After the condensation period, it spun and gave birth to the Sun, planets, moons, and asteroids.

Solar System Facts: Nowhere Near Galaxy Center

Do you know that you can measure vast distances throughout the universe by looking at various things? Among those things, “standard candles” are one. These are actually exploding stars with almost the same luminosity of real stars. With these “standard candles,” it becomes easier to predict how far away are the stars from us? When we observe the night sky, we can tell that our solar system is not near the center of the Milky Way. In fact, we are almost 165 quadrillion miles away from the supermassive black hole inside our galaxy.

Solar System Facts That You Will Find Interesting
Solar System Facts That You Will Find Interesting

Solar System Is Bigger Than We Assume

Neptune has become the furthest planet after Pluto has received the “dwarf planet” status. However, it will take way longer to leave the solar system boundary. Voyager 1 has left Earth 42 years ago on 5th September 1977, and it took 35 years for the spacecraft to reach the interstellar space. Its distance from the Earth is almost 17 billion kilometers.

Massiveness Of Sun

Do you know almost the 99.86% mass of the solar system is in our Sun? So, it reveals the weight of the massive ball of fire. The gigantic Sun is made of helium and hydrogen gas, and it is always burning. So, you can now guess that the gases in the universe are abundant, whereas the metals and rocks are limited.

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