Some Amazing Animal Facts You Dont Know

Unique Animal Facts

Do you know that the giraffe, unlike other animals, doesn’t have any vocal ability? This literally means that the giraffe can not make any sound. While a dog could barks, a lion roar, and goat bleats, a giraffe will and can only look without making a single sound.

As this sounds surprising to you, it will interest you to know that there are several other amazing animal facts that you probably don’t know about. This review is written to give you some of the most amazing facts about animals that will amaze you.

Gorilla catch cold and other human illness like fever

A lion looking at the camera

Although Gorilla is the animal that is closest to look like a man, nevertheless, I’m still very sure that you don’t know that a giraffe can also catch serious illnesses just the way you and I catch cold whenever we have a fever. Similarly, the gorilla also contacts other human illnesses like fever. Is that not amazing?

Ostriches Are Faster Than Horse In A Race

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I bet you think that is actually a joke. But the amazing reality is that it is nothing short of the truth. An ostrich runs better and faster than a horse. Horse maybe be built for a race, but that doesn’t mean it is the best at it.

Male Ostriches Roar Like Lion

You are surprised to know that it is not only the Lion and tiger alone that roars. Another animal that is not even from the family of the wild cat also roars as loud as that of a full-grown African Lion.

Female Lion Does The Hunting

Are you not surprised that what then is the hype about a male Lion when the glory of the hunt is for the female Lion. In the wild, the female Lion is the breadwinner of the family. She ensures that every member of the family is well-fed; that is why she does the hunting while the male Lion protects the territory.

Snakes Are Carnivorous Animal

Yes, you might not have seen a snake devour another animal, but that doesn’t make the snake an herbivorous animal. Snakes feed on the flesh of other animals. No matter how small, they are only feeding on flesh.

Kangaroo Uses It Tail For Balance

While other animals maintain a balance of their body through a good positioning of their legs and limbs, a kangaroo maintain balance with its tail. Little wonder when you lift a kangaroo with its tail, it struggles for balance as if you pulled one of its legs out of the ground.

Cows Dream Only While They Lie Down

Research has shown that a cow can sleep while standing, but the only time they dream is when they lie down. You must have seen a cow sleeping while they stand, but the only time they dream like humans is when they lie down.

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