Some Amazing Fun Facts Regarding Pizza

The pizza considered the food eaten by peasants in the 19th century period. The Margarita Pizza baked by the baker Raffaele Esposito was savored by the King and the Queen. They declared the food as fit for royalty. The pizza represented the red, white and green of the Italian flag. The white mozzarella cheese, red tomatoes, and green basil impressed the Royals. Thus, Pizza became the staple food of Italian cuisine.

Facts About Pizza Consumption Across The World

Pizza is now the favorite food across the world. However, the age group that enjoys it the most is between 3-11 years. They can eat it with joy at any meal. America has a pizza consumption of nearly 350 slices per second. Moreover, there are days that dedicated to Pizzas. September 5th is the National Cheese Pizza Day, while the National Sausage Pizza day falls on the 12th of November. Here are some Facts Regarding Pizza for your knowledge.

American Facts Regarding the Pizza Industry

Gennaro Lombardi opened the doors to the first American pizzeria in New York City in 1905. It called the Lombardi’s Pizzeria Napoletana. The trend became increasingly popular as time went by. Pizza is tasty, comforting and handy when you want to enjoy a meal without the fuss. You can today find over 61,000 Pizzerias in America today. The Pizza Expo is held every year in Nevada every year in the city of Las Vegas. Moreover, Pizza chefs from across the world attend the show to get the latest trends and facts about Pizza making.

Which Pizza Is The Global Favourite?

Marketing facts about the Pizza industry show that 61% of people like the regular thin crust pizza. The other varieties of Pizza like the deep dish and the thick crust pizza have a 14% share of the pie each. The extra-thin crust is liked by the remaining 11% population. Pizza is ordered as breakfast, lunch, and dinner by all age groups.

Facts About The World’s Largest Pizza

October 11th, 1987 saw an extraordinary Pizza baked by Louis Piancone and Lorenzo Amato. The venue was Havana in Florida. The massive Pizza eaten by about 30,000 spectators. However, the 10,000 square feet pizza weighed 44,557 pounds. The total weight reached by 18,174 pounds of flour and 1,103 pounds of water. The rest of the weight was off the cheese, pepperoni, and sauce.

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