Some Astonishing Facts Of Universe

Some Astonishing Facts Of Universe

The universe has been a great misery since evolution. It’s really very tough to figure out its reach. It’s like an unending ocean of glowing objects and miseries. Humans have been trying to find out new information with different apparatus for ages.

Every time we see new images or hear new information about the universe, we get thrilled and more curiosity crops up to know more. This post is dedicated to listing out some of the amazing facts of the universe.

Looking Back To The Night Sky Means Visiting The Bygone Time

Who doesn’t like to discover stars in the night? Stars are like our childhood friends. But do you know starlight takes a long period while traveling through space before reaching our eyes? So, while watching stars at night, we actually see their past appearance.

Some Astonishing Facts Of Universe
Some Astonishing Facts Of Universe

You might have heard about Vega as a bright star that is located at 25 light-years away from earth. That means the light from this star has been actually emitted 25 years ago. Many other stars are still further away. In simple words, we can see the past when we look at stars at night.

The Hubble Telescope Enables Us To Explore Billions Of Years Back Into Past

Really astonishing, isn’t it? The Hubble Telescope helps us to trace various objects placed at different distant locations in the universe. Hubble Ultra Deep Field had been developed by taking help of the telescope. It consists of 10,000 objects where everything is about young galaxies. One of the pictures is of 13 billion years ago and it’s considered the early one in the entire universe’s history.

We Can Watch The Big Bang On Our Television

Are you surprised? It’s true! Do you know about cosmic background radiation? It’s actually the heat and afterglow linked to Big Bang. And Big Bang is that momentous event from where our universe had started its journey 13.7 billion years back.

But, the interesting fact is that the cosmic echo is still there all around the universe. An old-fashioned TV can be used to explore a glimpse of the same. Actually, many times, TV can’t be tuned to a station, resulting in b/w distortion along with some white noise. But, almost 1% of the interference is the contribution of cosmic background radiation.

Some Astonishing Facts Of Universe
Some Astonishing Facts Of Universe

A Planet-Sized Diamond Is There In Centaurus

Diamond in the space? Yes! According to the discovery of astronomers, our galaxy houses the largest known diamond. This diamond is actually a gigantic piece of crystallized diamond named BPM 37093.

Also, it is popularly known as Lucy, which is named after a song by Beatles. Located 50 light-years away, it is there in the distance of about 25,000 miles from our earth. Moreover, this diamond lump is very much larger than our earth.

A bonus fact: Sun needs 225 million years to travel throughout the galaxy.

The universe is full of incredible facts. The more we know about it, the more curiosity we’ll generate. I hope you’ve got to know some interesting new facts about the universe from this post. Keep discovering!

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