Some Awkward Facts About Men

awesome random facts

There is nothing better than a great random fact or awesome random fact that has caught your eye, or that of someone you know. It adds to the quality of life and makes the day go by. It also can help you with some of the problems you have in your life, as well as giving you a nice little boost.

Here are some of the more awesome random facts that you may not have known. Some of these may be quite controversial, so be warned. But hey, they are pretty awesome.

Barack Obama is half white. This might come as a big surprise to some people. He isn’t, however, the first black president of the United States. There was Thomas Jefferson. So, no, this isn’t actually an awesome random fact, but it is a fact.


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Women are from Venus. This was made popular by the movie, “Alice” starring Meg Ryan. The reason why this came about is because the movie was set on Venus. If you do a search, you will find websites that say that the earth is round, and Venus is the planet of that sun. If this is true, you can see how this came about.

Many people do not know that there is only one person who has lived in time. This is Elvis Presley. You may not realize it, but Elvis did live in time. There is a reason why people call him the King. He lived in those years. Many people believe he died in his sleep, but there is no proof for this.

America Has More Gold

The US government declared that there is not a single country that has more gold than America. So, you can see how many people believe this. This is a fact that is debated by many. A lot of people are saying America has more gold than anyone else does.

Some people have a harder time remembering a woman than they do to a man. They have a difficult time remembering a woman by their first name. This is because men have a tendency to use their first names more often when speaking while women tend to use the names of their husbands more often. This is an amazing random fact that is hard to miss.

Women Tend To Talk More

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Women tend to talk more than men do. Women tend to talk about their feelings more than men do. Women tend to say that they feel sad or happy more often than men do. Men do not share the feelings they experience with other men as often as women do. These are some of the awesome random facts that you might like to learn more about.

Most men do not like flowers. They actually do not like any kind of flowers. Only 25% of men will even look at a bouquet of flowers before they pick one. Most men want something more substantial to adorn their body. That is why they do not prefer flowers.

Only 2% Of Men Drink Coffee Daily

Only 2% of men drink coffee daily. Men cannot stand drinking it. The acid in coffee destroys their stomachs. When men drink coffee, their stomachs become bruised. Therefore, coffee is not something most men want to consume.

Men do not mind wearing a watch. While women love wearing jewelry, they do not want their jewelry to be visible under their clothing. If women wear their jewelry out of necessity, men wear it out of habit. This is an awesome random fact that many people do not know.


Some people say there are no relationships between men and machines. This is true, however, the machines do make men feel good. Some guys will go out on a date with a machine if they feel like it. Machines give them feelings like elation. These are some of the awesome random facts that make life awesome.

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