Some Fun Facts That Are Actually True

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People who want to learn and grow are called students. The student is anybody who is seeking to learn and grow. They come in all forms and species, and from many different walks of life. Every student has a unique narrative that should be heard. You can never list all the amazing things about them because there are so many amazing facts about students that you will never find out. There are countless amazing facts about students that you could never hope to list all.


  • On average, students spend 3 hours each day on their phones.
  • The average student has a vocabulary of approximately 20,000 words.
  • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.
  • The average student will change their major at least once during college.
  • Students who study abroad often have higher grades and better job opportunities after graduation.
  • Student-athletes often have higher GPAs than their non-athletic classmates.
  • College students are more likely to vote than any other age group.
  • A recent study found that students who use social media frequently tend to have poorer mental health outcomes.
  • Female students are more likely to graduate college than male students.
  • College is a time of exploration and self-discovery for many students.
  • Students are incredibly resilient. They often face difficult challenges in their lives, but they always find a way to pick themselves up and keep going.
  • Students are constantly learning and growing. They are never done learning, no matter how old they get.
  • Students have amazing potential. They can change the world for the better if they so choose.
  • Students are always curious and eager to learn. They want to explore the world and understand all that they can.
  • Students are some of the most resilient people on the planet. They often face difficult challenges in their lives, but they always find a way to pick themselves up and keep going.
  • Students are constantly learning and growing. They are never done learning, no matter how old they get.
  • Students are incredibly resilient and don’t give up on themselves no matter what obstacles they face in life.
  • Students have amazing potential to change the world for their benefit.
  • Students are always curious, they want to know more.
  • Students have amazing resilience, no matter what happens in their lives they always find a way to keep going.
  • Students never stop learning and growing, no matter how old they get. So remember, if you are still seeking knowledge, then you are a student.

We have compiled a list of youtube channels that can help you to find ridiculously funny facts about the world.


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VSauce is a particularly interesting channel because it changes its theme to match the season, so you can find plenty of entertaining and thought-provoking information and ridiculously funny facts about everything from science to pop culture. Michael Stevens, the brilliant mind behind the videos, has received multiple awards for his innovative and surreal approach to education.


If you’re looking for brief videos that explain complex scientific concepts in layman’s terms, then look no further than MinutePhysics. Henry Reich does an excellent job at taking topics like gravity or entropy – which sound boring if explained plainly – and turning them into exciting tutorials. You’ll be hooked after watching just one ten-minute video!

TEDEd & Veritasium

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually through short talks on various topics. TEDTalks feature speakers like Sir Ken Robinson talking about the changing face of education or Salman Khan giving insight into his creative process. But some videos are specifically geared towards younger viewers, like this one explaining what happens when you freeze water, which is part of their educational YouTube channel called TED-Ed. Veritasium features videos created by Australian physicist Derek Muller that explain facts about the world using experiments and demonstrations. He’s particularly good at refuting common misconceptions that many people have.


If you’re looking for more in-depth information on different scientific phenomena (but still with brief explanations), MinuteEarth might be your best bet. From explaining the reason behind high and low tides to describing how a solar eclipse works, this channel will keep you entertained while teaching you some ridiculously funny facts about science!

ASAP Science

ASAP Science takes a similar approach to MinutePhysics, tackling topics like quantum mechanics and evolution. They also have one of the most notable videos regarding space exploration: Robert Krulwich hosts the series along with ASAPScience founder ASAPRaj, who serves as the show’s mascot and does much of its artwork.


Funny facts about the world can be found all over the internet, but some of our favorite sources for these little-known tidbits are Youtube channels. From comedians to everyday people, there’s a channel out there for everyone who wants to learn some ridiculously funny facts and have a good laugh at the same time. 

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