Fun Facts: Number System

Fun facts can get interesting even with a set of the regular number system. However, we are going to have some of the fun facts which come with number 19. There are some facts that you might have come across. However, I guess, some of them remain unknown to you till now-

Some Fun Facts You Don’t Know Related To The Number System.
Some Fun Facts You Don’t Know Related To The Number System.

Some Fun Facts With Number To Know.

1. The number 19 is the eighth prime number. Moreover, it’s the number which can only be divided by the number itself.

2. There is a Chinese game named ’GO.’ The player plays the game on the board of the grid, going from 19×19 lines.

3. We all know the English famous singer Adele. Thus, 19 is the name of her debut album. It came out in the year 2008. She named the album 19, because she was 19 at that time. 

4. Potassium’s atomic number is 19. 

5. According to Islamic culture, they believe that there are some 19 angels. These angels come with the duty of guarding the hell gate. 

6. The Sun in the Tarot card comes with number 19. Moreover, this card gets an association with success, happiness, along with self-confidence. 

7. Again one of the exciting facts surrounding the number 19 is that it is a center Hexagonal number. However, you might be wondering what the meaning of this line is. It generally means that one can easily arrange some 19 dotes within the hexagonal figure. The arrangement will get a creation of dots that will be placed in the center of the hexagon. Moreover, the other dots will remain surrounding the center dot within the hexagon. 

8. The statement ‘talk19 dozen’ is quite famous. However, many might remain unknown what exactly does this means. The concept is that a fast speaker can get some 19 words all at once. But for a general pace talker, 12 is the average number of words.

9. 19 is the eighth in line, along with the most significant placed prime number. However, this notion applies only to the Roman numeral. Moreover, the number comes out as palindromic when written (Example- XIX).

Some Fun Facts You Don’t Know Related To The Number System.
Some Fun Facts You Don’t Know Related To The Number System.

Some More Facts To Let You Know

1. 19 is the typical age group of people living in South Korea, along with Canada.

2. You must know this fun fact for it’s some of the best facts till. The longest air travel takes around 19 hours of travel time. Additionally, this flight gets an association with Singapore Airlines. And the trip takes place from Singapore to Newark, which is in New Jersey.

3. There is a card game with the name of Cribbage. However, in this card game, no player gets the chance of scoring 19. 

4. The number 19 plays a very important element in the novels of Stephen King.

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