Some Interesting And Weird Facts About Life

Weird Facts About Life

Life is full of knowledge and facts and human life facts are fascinating. But are you aware that there are many such facts that you would not believe? So, if you love to know the facts or even you don’t, here are some funny and weird facts about life that will blow your mind. You would increase your knowledge by knowing the following facts:

Similarity Of Water Molecule Between Humans And Dinosaurs

This is a weird fact about life but a fascinating one and scientists also say it to be true. Each glass of water that you drink every day is likely to contain at least one molecule as same as the dinosaurs would have drunk once. So, this tells us that you have a similarity with dinosaurs.

Height Increases In The Morning: Weird Facts About Life


Yes, you are a little taller in the morning as soon as you wake up. It is not like that your height increases and decreases; it is just a phenomenon of decompression of the spine. When you are sleeping, the spine is decompressed or spread out. As a result, when you wake up it makes you little taller after lying on the bed all night.

Pregnant Dolphins Can Sing

It is an unknown and weird fact about the life of dolphins. Like pregnant women, pregnant dolphins are also able to sing for the dolphin baby while they are growing in the womb of the mother dolphins. Mothers have the same qualities let it be human or animal.

Weird Facts About Life Forms In Your Body

This is a surprise as well as a fun fact. It could be said that you are a planet for many microbes. Billions and trillions of microbes have their residence in your body. Even 90% of human body cells are made up of the microbes. You have more population on your body than all the people of the earth.

Fingerprints Of Koalas And Humans

This is one of the weird facts about life that koalas are the animals that have fingerprints just as humans do. The more strange fact is that even experts could not easily tell or separate the fingerprints of koalas and humans and being a normal person it is just impossible to instantly tell the difference.

Weight Of Ants And Humans

Even if you put all the humans of the earth on one side of a weighing scale and all the ants of the earth on the side, the weight of the ants are going to be more than that of humans. It is strange but true.

Fact About Your Dreams

It is likely true and a strange fact that you will forget 90% of the dreams that you have ever had seen. It would be a good idea to maintain a diary of the dreams you remember so that you can recall the good ones.


Nature has given you so many things that you know some and more than that you do not know. It is all about the facts of life and nature. There is a lot to know but the capability is too low to grab. So, just research and you will get millions of facts that are amazing and you must know.

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