Some Interesting Facts Of Fruits And Vegetables

Some Interesting Facts Of Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are one of the integral parts of our regular diet, isn’t it? And they have been contributing to the health and wellbeing of human beings for ages.

Different times we like to eat our favorite fruits and veggies differently. Sometimes raw, chilled or frozen and sometimes cooked or in various creative combinations, correct? But, do you know a lot of interesting facts revolve around these nutritious foods? Let’s find out some of them in this post.

There’s No Existence Of Negative Calorie Foods

Many people believe that some veggies and fruits need more calories for digestion, as compared to what they actually provide. It’s a myth. It’s true that some foods are available with very least count of calories.

For example, a celery stalk has come in the range of six and ten calories. Maybe you’ve heard the name of TEF or Thermal Effect of Food metric that’s used for the calorie measurement for digesting food. In fact, the measurement says, a celery stalk needs only around 10% to 20%. So, a ten calorie celery stalk will provide you with eight calories after the digestion process. So, it’s very clear now!

Some Interesting Facts Of Fruits And Vegetables
Some Interesting Facts Of Fruits And Vegetables

Bananas Are Truly Amazing

Bananas are not only nutritious but also delicious and so a favorite fruit of many people around the globe. Its taste enhances when accompanies a preparation with chocolate syrup and ice cream. Furthermore, bananas are considered as the most interesting fruit around the world.

Whatever we consume today is the Cavendish banana. An interesting fact is that bananas are cloned from a specific banana plant in Southeast Asia. That means every banana is actually 100% the same banana. If we think technically, bananas are herbs.

Veggies And Fruits Are Nutritious In All Forms

It’s a myth that frozen fruits and vegetables are not nutritious. So, if there’s an alleviation of nutrition in freezing vegetables, it’s actually negligible. That means you can easily consume it in frozen or fresh form or drink it and guess what? You’d have the same benefits. But, it must be 100% juice only while it comes to drinking. Obviously, with 10% juice, you’ll not get complete nutrition.

Fruits And Vegetables Come With A Lot Of Fiber

You might know this fact but do you know the advantages of fiber? Fiber tremendously helps to maintain your regular bowel movements. Moreover, it also helps alleviate cholesterol and make you feel fuller for a long time.

Also, fiber contributes to regulating the blood sugar level. And thus you’ll start feeling healthier and your cravings towards bad foods will get alleviated. That means fiber will greatly help you in your weight loss journey.

Some Interesting Facts Of Fruits And Vegetables
Some Interesting Facts Of Fruits And Vegetables

Broccoli Features More Protein As Compared To Steak

Do you know broccoli is rich in protein, even more than steak? But since broccoli doesn’t feature with trans fats and saturated fats, you can receive the needed protein for your body that’s too with a considerably alleviated risk linked to cardiovascular disease.

So, the overall journey was quite interesting, isn’t it? I hope you have been enlightened with a lot of new facts about fruits and vegetables.

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