Some Mind-Blowing Space Facts Will Leave You In Shock

mind blowing space facts

The universe is full of many hidden mysteries and mind-blowing space facts. You are part of this small earth in the solar system, and except this, there are so many universes all around where you don’t know how many lives reside. You still don’t know. Usually, you only know about only two to three percent of the universe. You can see their many countries who are visiting the moon, mars and trying to reach other planets as well. But still, there are so many untouched facts that are not even in front of anyone, or we are not even aware of them. Today we will see some of the astonishing facts about space.

Massive Black Hole In The Heart Of Every Universe

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During the 90s, NASA Hubble Space Telescope found that there are so many active galaxies in the universe, and every galaxy has a black hole. The only possible energy source is matter heated to incandescence as it moves down onto a huge black hole up to 50 billion times the Sun’s mass.

Still, More Than 90% Of The Universe Is Undiscovered.

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After performing years of research and so much scientists’ hard work, we got to know only about significantly less part of the universe. We can see the portion made up of atoms such as planets, stars, and galaxies.

Star Losses Its Energy When Close To The Black Hole.

The astronauts have observed that when they see a star moving very close to the black hole and as soon as the star moves close to it, the intensive gravitational shift of the black holes pulls the energy of the star, and the star is destroyed.

Footprints On The Moon Are Still There.

Whenever any astronaut lands on the moon, the footprints are left on the moon because there are no winds on the moon that do not disappear the prints on the moon. So, if you get a chance to visit the moon, you can see Niel Armstrong’s footprints, which is one of the most mind-blowing space facts.

Complete Silence In Space

The space is entirely silent as the sound waves require a medium to travel, and space doesn’t have any atmosphere through which the sound can travel. Space is like a vacuum of space through which the sound cannot travel. It is one of the mind-blowing facts which very few people know.

Two Metals Can Be Welded Together Forever.

It is called cold welding, whenever two metals and their atoms of two individual pieces never get to know about each other, and when they are brought together, they join each other forever. It doesn’t happen on earth as we can have water, air which can separate the pieces and the atoms.

Space is full of many mind-blowing space facts; you would need so much time to get to know all the facts about the space. Several scientists and astronauts are working on and finding almost everyday something new about space. You can learn new every day and can even study it by joining different space centers in the world like ISRO or NASA.

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