Some Surprising Facts About Wikipedia

Some Interesting Facts About Our Mind

Surprising facts always come to our life with an amazing vibe. However, it makes the monotonous essence climb down the window for some time. Therefore without any further ado, let us get going with the topic. However, today, we are about to take some amazing notes on our favorite webpage. The page that saves many during their exams and academics. The only knowledge lord ‘Wikipedia.’ Therefore let us check the fun and surprising facts about Wikipedia-

Some Surprising Facts About Wikipedia
Some Surprising Facts About Wikipedia

Some Surprising Facts About Wikipedia To Learn And Know- 

The official theme song of Wikipedia is ‘Hotel Wikipedia.’ Moreover, the inspiration for these fantastic facts gets sourced from ‘Hotel California.’ Besides, this fantastic song got offered by the band ‘Eagle.’

After that, Wikipedia receives 600 articles daily. However, the sister projects of Wikipedia gets their portion from these 600 articles every day. 

Additionally, the English Wikipedia comes with 5.5 million articles.

From the total population of the entire, only ten million people take advantage of this application. Besides, only 32.5 million registered users are there. 

Some More

Moreover, Wikipedia even comes with some voting options. The quotient runs as such- ‘Please vote the last Wikipedia will ever be.’

Additionally, it also comes with some weird content. Take, for instance, ‘the role of the clown in modern society.’ Then there is ‘angry donkey.’ After that, there is ‘beer for dogs.’ Well, these are some of the weediest topics to discuss. 

Some Surprising Facts About Wikipedia
Some Surprising Facts About Wikipedia

Some More Facts To Get Revealed

Wikipedia even went to the extent of banning the congresspeople. Wikipedia notices some unfriendly activities from the part of a congressperson. Therefore Wikipedia came out with ‘Congress edit.’ This is a form of watchdog.

Consequently, it keeps an eye on the activities of the congressperson. Thus in the year 204, it suspended some of the congress person’s IP. It noticed some of the aggressive edits from their part. Therefore Wikipedia banned them up. 

Additionally, the birthday of Wikipedia gets celebrated as ‘Wikipedia day.’ The date, by the way, is Jan 15. However, both platforms celebrate this day. 

Wikipedia even comes with the support of around 299 language options. However, these survey reports got updated in 2017. However, there might be many changes now.

Some More Facts To Get Your Hands

Moreover, Wikipedia comes with literally strange policies. Take, for instance, ‘No Angry Mastodons.’ Then there is ‘No harmful language.’ 

Additionally, Wikipedia was initiated to get written by some expert. However, the earlier days rested most of the time on the professional. However, over time, it became accessible to the public as well.

Additionally, the most viewed page is the main page of Wikipedia.

Additionally, with a report based on the 2016 survey, the user with the most edit is Ser Amantio di Nicolao. Well, he is non-bot wiki uses. However, his account gets the most number of edit. Besides, it is the highest when it gets compared with the bot users. 

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