Some Weird Science Facts to Amaze you

weird science facts

Science is a wonder. We have unraveled so many mysteries and got to know about so many new things. We can just say that science is the basis of our existence. Whatever we are, and whatever we aspire to be has been influenced by science to a great extent. Science has many weird facts also. Some weird scientific facts are listed below.

Octopuses have three hearts, nine brains and blue blood

Science Facts

Two hearts move closely to move blood beyond the animal’s gills and the third one keeps the blood flow in the animal’s body. They also have nine brains, one of them is the main one and the others are ancillary. Two third of the neurons of the octopus reside in their arms. The blood in humans is red due to iron to transport oxygen to cells. In octopuses, they use copper in the blood to transport around the body, thus their blood is blue.

There is enough DNA in the human body to stretch it from the sun to pluto and back almost 17 times

Science Facts

The human genome has 23 molecules of DNA. Each of these molecules contains 500,000 to 2.5 million pairs of nucleotide . Each of these cells is around 1.7 cm to 8.5 cm long. There are around 37 trillion cells and when they uncoil, they are around 2*10^14 meters long. This is enough to make 17 trips to Pluto and back.

Only one letter does not appear in the Periodic table

The periodic table is quite famous in science as it has a list of all the elements. Some elements are yet unknown or unnamed. But maximum of them are named in symbols. So most of the letters from a-z are included in the periodic table. The only table that is not involved in the periodic table is ‘J’.

Bananas are Radioactive

This is a strange but true fact. This is because bananas contain potassium and potassium becomes radioactive as it decays. But you do not have to worry. This radioactivity is of a very slight amount. You have to eat 10,000,000 bananas all at once to die if this radioactivity.

It may rain Diamonds on some other Planet

Diamonds are present in abundance in our Milky way galaxy. Studies have shown that there is potential that Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn have to produce diamonds. The atmosphere of these four planets is extremely high. Thus they crystallize carbon into diamonds. Scientists have tried to prove this by creating fake conditions of Saturn and Uranus on Earth. It has been concluded that there may be around 2.2 million pounds of diamond every year on Saturn, thus making it the richest planet of our galaxy.


These are just some of the millions of facts that science proved. Science has created wonders and continues to do so. Did you know that it is impossible to burp in space? These are funny and weird but they are scientific facts. It is an interesting pastime to undergo the weird scientific facts. Some of them are funny while others may leave you to shell shocked.

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