Some Weird Sex Facts About Ferrets

weird sex facts

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a strange sex partner that does things that no one else ever does? If so, it’s time to find out some of those weird sex facts. It is time to find out the answers that will shake your sex life to its core. You are about to discover some mind blowing sex facts that you are going to absolutely love. Read on to find out about these mind blowing sex facts, and make your sex life better than ever.

An Overview

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Do these weird sex facts actually exist? Well, the answer to that query could very well be yes, and that is because there are lots of strange sexual statistics that you do not want to learn. Here are just a few that could keep you from the bedroom for quite some time or not: A. Guinness world record holder for the largest number of miles traveled during one intercourse session.

How is this possible? Oral and anal sex is very different, even when you are trying to stick to the same position. One of the biggest differences between the two is the speed with which you reach orgasm, as well as the angle that your penis points at during penetration. Another one of the weird sex facts is that men can achieve orgasm by stimulating their clitoris using their fingers, whereas women need to use their tongue. Now that doesn’t mean that all women are able to have orgasms using their tongues, but it does show that women have more control over their orgasms.

The Depth

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Women tend to reach orgasm a bit quicker by using lubricant, and tend to have more intense orgasms with longer strokes. Oral sex is a whole different animal from sexual intercourse in the sense that there isn’t always a man on top, so you aren’t thrusting things in and out. The sexual intercourse positions often lead to men ejaculating before women do, so this factor can be used against women who prefer it in the form of oral sex. Other weird sex facts include the fact that some people can orgasm by applying pressure to certain parts of the body, such as the nipples on a breastfeeding mother.

Another of these weird sex facts is that female ferrets can climax by squirting blood from their vagina. Now this is something that has actually been tested and found to work on humans, but since the cat is still considered to be largely mythical, no one is really sure how it would function in a Ferret’s body. Another fact that might shock you a little bit is the fact that female ferrets like it to be wet. Wet means that the cat is getting moist, so if it can get it wet then the female ferret will enjoy it. However, it should never be soaked with water because that means that the Ferret is suffering from urinary tract infection, which is not what we want.

Research Well

One of the weird sex facts about a Ferret that might surprise you even more is the fact that they can reach orgasm through licking. This is something that has been proven on humans through research, but this is still pretty amazing in Ferret land. The Ferret might be able to achieve orgasm through licking because when they are licking an object that is covered in fur, the tongue can sometimes go inside of the object.

If you have ever wondered how the females of the animal reach orgasm, then this might give you an idea. In order for a female Ferret to reach orgasm, she must first begin to stimulate her vagina fully with thrusting. If she moves her tongue in and out of the vagina while doing this, then the walls of the vagina can begin to soften up, which allows for more lubrication. Once enough lubrication occurs, then the Ferret can reach orgasm.


There are also some other weird sex facts about Ferrets that include the fact that they enjoy oral sex a lot. If you have ever wondered how the Ferret gets aroused during intercourse, then you need to look into this information. The Ferret enjoys getting aroused during sexual intercourse and if you do give oral sex to them, they will enjoy it just as much. They like it because during oral sex, their tongue is in the air, so they can smell it, which means that it is even more pleasurable to them.

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