Space Shuttles Facts – Facts About Discovery That You Have Never Hear Before

space shuttles facts

Do you want to know about NASA’s space shuttle Discovery? If yes, then continue reading this content. Here we will tell you some unknown facts about Discovery, the space shuttle by NASA.  Discovery, the most flown space shuttle of the world, climbed 39 space missions during its operational history; the first was in 1984, and the last was in 2011. It indented more space flights than any other space shuttle or any other satellite for that stuff. If you want to explore more space shuttles facts, read this article!

Launched 1st Female Shuttle Pilot And Commander

Space Shuttles

A woman conducted this first American shuttle — NASA astronaut Eileen Collins became the first female spacecraft commander in the history of Columbia’s STS-93 mission in 1999, which extended NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Spent Entire Year In Orbit – Space Shuttles Facts

Space Shuttles

Throughout its 39 missions, it logged a total of 365 days (one year) in space. Plus, it put 148,221,675 miles on its odometer with another space shuttle record. The miles covered by this could have carried it to the moon and after more than 300 times.

Launched The Hubble Space Telescope

Explorers aboard it expanded NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope on the shuttle’s STS-31 mission in April 1990. Approx twenty-two years and various repair missions next, the device proceeds to catch remarkable photos that help reshape our perception of the universe.

Returned NASA From Shuttle Tragedies

It was the first shuttle to originate behind each of the shuttle program’s struggles, the January 1986 report. And the February 2003 assassination of Columbia re-entered Earth’s environment, and each disaster took the lives of all seven explorers aboard. In both facts, the shuttle program took many years to get back on its feet.

Launched John Glenn Back Into Orbit

NASA’s first astronaut class, Discovery, chosen in 1959, is the exclusive shuttle to hop one Mercury. The orbiter sent John Glenn on its STS-95 mission in October 1998, when the explorer was 77. Thus, Glenn became the oldest person ever to reach space; 36 years earlier, in 1962, he became the first American to orbit Earth.

Took Four Years To Build

Work started on Discovery in 1979, but it was still incomplete until October 1983 in Palmdale, Calif. Then 747 carrier aircraft to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center fly it abroad, where it drove on its first mission in August 1984.

Long Exploration Legacy

The space-flown orbiters of NASA were all named after well-known oceangoing analysis or exploration vessels. Discovery takes its name from two crafts that appear large in the history of exploration. Henry Hudson traveled one in 1610-11 to search for a northwestern way between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The other was by James Cook on an 18th-century excursion through which he found the Hawaiian Islands.

Last Words

Lastly, it took its last hop on 17 April 2012, flying on the spine of a revised 747 jetliner from Kennedy space center in Florida to Washington. All these are the facts about NASA’s space shuttle discovery that indeed you had never heard before. Hopefully, you will be glad to have such information about the space shuttles facts.

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