Statistics And Facts About Wisconsin

Statics And Facts About Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state of the U.S. that is located in the north-central United States. It’s a beautiful place and worth visiting so you must want to know about it. The geography of Wisconsin is diverse, and the effects of the ice age on the glaciers here are still visible. Here we have compiled the statistics and unknown facts about Wisconsin. If you love to know about the different places the then here you will get to know about some interesting facts and statistics about Wisconsin.

Statistics About Wisconsin 

  1. First, have statics of Wisconsin here, this country admitted to Union on May 29,1848, as the 30th State. 
  2. The capital of Wisconsin in Madison. The population of Wisconsin is 5,363,675, according to 2000 calculation. 
  3. Highest Elevation of this place is Timms Hill (Price County) 1,951.5 feet
  4. The land area of this State is 34.8 million acres, and the water Area is 1.13 million acres. 
  5. Here in the area of 60,570 acres is of state parks and state forests are speared in 471,329 acres.
Statistics And Facts About Wisconsin
Statistics And Facts About Wisconsin

Facts About Wisconsin 

  • This State is known for lakes, and the largest Inland Lake is Lake Winnebago, which is 30 miles long, 10 miles wide at widest point.
  • Deepest Inland Lake of the State is Green Lake, which has 236 feet at the deepest point.
  • Wisconsin has 7,446 streams and rivers. Hence this place can be a great option for spending your holidays. The residents of this place enjoy the natural beauty that stretches up to 26,767 miles. 
  • The first class for kindergarten in the U.S. was held in Watertown. The course was started in 1856, and a German couple started it from their home.  
  • Sundae ice cream is delicious, and we all love it. You will be surprised to know that in two rivers Wisconsin it was first served in 1881. Still, people of this State love ice cream so much that here people consumes nearly 21 million ice cream yearly.
  • Summer looks best here, and many people come as many tourists here during this time. 
  • All the lakes present in this State have resulted from glaciers. 
  • At Fox River, the first hydroelectric plant of the U.S. was built in 1882. It is one of the few rivers that flow to the north. 
  • Warrens in Wisconsin has only 400 residents, but it hosts the world’s largest cranberry festival in September. Every year in September, this place welcomes approx, 100,000 visitors. This State also produces 60 percent of cranberries.
Statistics And Facts About Wisconsin
Statistics And Facts About Wisconsin

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The population of this State is comparatively low, so the pollution has not hit this place as it did to other states in the U.S. You can plan your outing here can enjoy some beautiful scenes. 

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The Last Word 

In short, Wisconsin has a natural beauty of lakes and rivers, and you can spend some memorable time here. Next time visit this State and enjoy it. 

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