Strange History Facts About The Roman Empire And Its Emperors

weird history facts

Do you know weird historical facts? Well, if you are a history buff, then you must have. The fact is not so much weird history facts as it is interesting facts. These facts include some that you may never have thought about. Some of these include Abraham Lincoln’s escape to England, the first American president, and even details about the Civil War.

Lincoln On The Battlefield

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The weird historical facts surrounding Abraham Lincoln include one that probably makes him seem a little less like a hero. That is how he became the man known as “Lincoln on the battlefield.” It was during the Civil War that Abraham Lincoln had a terrible head injury. A bullet cracked his skull open, but because it was a close shave, he was able to move around quite well.

However, one of the most strange and interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln is his recovery from this injury. A year after this accident, Lincoln went back to work, but no one knew how he could do so. When questioned, he said that he had hit his head on a rock while cleaning his guns. In other words, he was telling the truth. This became one of the many weird historical facts about Abraham Lincoln that people still talk about today.

Blood Mary

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Another fact that has been researched is the infamous “Bloody Mary.” This is considered to be the bloodiest war crime in the history of the united states. It was during the middle ages when the population of the colonies in America was extremely small. Because the population was so small, conflicts would often break out between groups of men. One such battle was fought in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 15th, 1691.

Two hundred years later, this story made its way into the history books. While researching this, some researchers discovered that the most popular story about the “Bloody Mary” was not a true story at all. Instead, it was a fabricated story created by writer linen Wood to make himself famous.

One of the most bizarre and most likely historical facts about the “mad scientist” Adolf Hitler is that he did try to poison the United States’ legendary president. To kill President Abraham Lincoln, the German doctor concocted a poison that was a combination of carbon dioxide and ammonia. Originally, this concoction was supposed to be harmless. But after it was mixed with air and water, the combination resulted in death.

D-Day Landings

Strange trivia questions aside, another strange event of the Roman period was the “D-day Landings.” The Roman celebration, which was meant to symbolize victory over the Islamic army, was originally meant to honor the soldiers who died in battle. However, when the Roman army leader decided to erect a massive wall across Jerusalem, he had only his native forces standing in the place of the enemy. What happened next is one of the more interesting stories from the “mad scientist” Adolf Hitler? The general thought it would be a good idea if he cremated all of his troops’ bodies so that their remains would never be a burden on the poor.

Final Words

Strange trivia questions aside, we can still learn a lot from the roman and Julius Caesar. We can learn about the conflicts, politics, and struggles that shaped the world we know today. The first true democracy in the world was formed in the city-state of Athens during the fifth century B.C., before the Republic’s fall and the destruction of the Persian Empire. If you’re looking for a good book or a good lecture about the history of Ancient Rome or the Roman Empire, you should check out the University of California website.

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