The 3 Best Weird Random Facts That May Leave You Thinking For Hours

weird random facts

Have you ever researched the mysteries and myths related to the human body? Believe it or not, our bodies are full of secrets, and there are some weird things that doctors also don’t even know. Someone who analyzes his daily movements and functioning of the body can only realize about these mysteries.

Most probably, you might have wondered at some point in life why hiccups are sometimes so intense and how the food gets digested in a tiny digestive system. Well, from your heart pumping the blood to your brain, giving commands, innumerable things are happening between these processes.

Today, we’ll discuss some weird random facts about what you should undoubtedly share with your friends.

Newborn Babies Look Small But They Have Nearly 300 Bones


Your body has quite grown up, and we all have read somewhere that the human body consists of 206 bones. Surprisingly, newborn toddlers have around 90 to 100 extra bones than adults. Now you’ll wonder how a small baby can have a huge number of bones?

As the human body keeps growing after birth, the minor bones start associating to form a single bone. For instance, if you touch the head of a newborn baby, it will look boneless and pretty soft. Later, after a couple of years, this softer part starts disappearing because a group of eight minor bones combine and form the skull.

Surprisingly, this is one of the rarest and delicate parts of your body that can’t feel pain even after meeting with a deadly accident.

Your Brain Don’t Know The Meaning Of Pain

A man that is standing in the dirt

Your brain is one of the delicate and crucial parts which dominate your body. If your brain doesn’t function properly, you cannot survive on this planet. Believe it or not, the brain gives commands to your entire body but doesn’t know the meaning of pain. In simpler words, the brain doesn’t feature pain receptors and hence cannot detect the pain.

For instance, while cutting veggies, if you cut your finger, you understand the pain because the skin has pain receptors. Your skin will send the signal to the spinal cord that is redirected to the brain, and the entire process occurs within a couple of milliseconds.

You Lose The Majority Of Taste Buds After 60

Have you ever thought the food you use to love isn’t your favorite choice as you’re growing older? The taste buds of a human body keep changing after every seven years, but things are different when you’re somewhere near 50. According to various medical researches, women start losing their taste buds after the age of 40.

On the other hand, men lose almost every taste bud after 60, and their health conditions start deteriorating. As you keep growing, you’ll realize that you don’t feel like tasting the salty and sweet stuff.

Final Words

These were some weird random facts related to the human body, which are quite bizarre and jaw-dropping. There are many such facts yet to be revealed, and now you might believe that God is the best creator who made a human body full of mysteries that we only cannot understand.

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