The Best Animal Sex Facts That You Should Definitely Share With Your Buddies

animal sex facts

How many of you visit the gossip and news channels to listen to the love stories between celebrities, their secret relationships, and sex scandals? Probably everyone is interested, and celebrities even get exposed when they forget to remove the price tags from their outfits. But you’re probably missing something good.

Yes, tomorrow, you just shift from those gossip channels to National Geographic and Discovery, and you’ll fall in love with these channels. Yes, the animal sex facts explained on these channels literally raise everyone’s eyebrows, and it’s something you’ll never learn from your school or social media platforms.

We know you’ll not tune these channels; hence, we’ll explain some bizarre sex facts related to animals. Stick to this post until the end, and literally, your jaw will be on your hands.

The Erections In The Male Alligators Are Not Temporary

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The penis of all the males are the same, but in the animal kingdom, everything is the opposite. But the universal rule is the size and length of the penis increase or decrease before and after sexual intercourse. This is not the case in the male alligators’ community. The male alligators are blessed with large penises which stay erected permanently until their last breath.

Plus, the penis of a male alligator has multiple coatings of the stiff protein collagen. The surprising part is before indulging in the mating sessions, the penis size of the alligator slightly increases. As per various reports, the average penis of most male alligators is nearly 6 inches which doesn’t increase or decrease much due to any factors.

Have You Seen Three Vaginas In Any Animal? You Can See In Female Kangaroos

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All the types of female kangaroos are blessed with three different vaginas, but only one is available for mating sessions. Only one vaginal tube is open to avoid confusion during sexual intercourse. One is the central tube, and the other two are side tubes.

When the male kangaroo releases sperm in the vagina, initially, the sperm will travel only into the side tubes. Sometimes, 30 days later, the sperm stored in the side tubes travel into the central tube, further released into the mother’s pouch.

Females Chickens Are Free To Eliminate Unwanted Sperm Anytime

Hens tend to be smaller in size; hence, they cannot last long in the mating sessions. However, female chickens are very particular while picking their mating partner. In case any female chicken is unhappy with the mating partner, she releases around 80% sperm just after the mating sessions.

Well, it’s like a slap on the male chicken partner, but that’s common among them. Female chickens never carry unwanted sperm because they want to stay free to mate with different male chickens.

Final Words

So, now we would like to ask, how many of them are feeling shocked after hearing the animals’ sex facts mentioned above? Yes, there are many other sex facts related to the animal kingdom yet to be revealed. Hence, sometimes you should also search or watch something interesting on your smartphone and television instead of useless gossips.

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