The Most Stupid Facts In the World

When you dig deeper into the most ordinary things, you will be surprised. The things you have taken for granted are extraordinary. You will easily be surprised by how some facts are stupid. Have a look at our collection of stupid facts.

A Supreme Court Ruled Out That Tomatoes Are Vegetables

There is a controversy about whether tomatoes are vegetables or fruits. The botanists consider them fruits. Business people and consumers, consider them a vegetable. The mystery was solved in 1886 by a supreme court. The case came to the court because of the import controversies. The court ruled out that they were vegetables and not fruits.

Elephant Baby Suck Its Trunk

The baby elephants enjoy the comfort of sucking their trunk. They enjoy the same comfort as human babies. Sucking the trunk relaxes the mind. There are also tad bigger elephants that do the same. It’s annoying for grown-up humans to suck their fingers. The same is annoying to grown elephants to suck their trunk.

100 Acres Of Pizza Is Eaten Daily By Americans

Do you love Pizza? The fact of the day is that Americans eat 3 billion pizzas every year. It’s an equivalent of 46 slices of Pizza eaten by one person per year.

The Largest Sand Castle Is 54 Feet High

The sand castle is in Duisburg, German. It took over 169 trucks to deliver 3,500 tons of sand into the city. The castle was well sculpted. The German travel operator built the fort. People from all over the world tours the castle yearly.

Husbands Do Less House Chores Than Boyfriends

This is a stupid fact. Seventeen thousand people across 28 countries did a survey. The study observed the lives of men who lived with their girlfriends. As boyfriends, men did more housework daily. When they got married work, done reduced significantly every week.

As a husband, more responsibilities come. The time to do the house works are limited. Also, some men felt like they were playing the role of their wife when they were married.

A Bigger Fork Will Help You Eat Less

Journal of Consumer Research studied the eating behavior of humans. Different sizes of forks showed different results. Diners given smaller forks ate more as compared to bigger forks.

The explanation behind this fact is psychological. The smaller forks made the diner feel like they are not scooping enough. This feeling makes them eat more and more. Diners with larger forks ate less. They had a feeling that they were overeating.

A Toy Company Is The Biggest Tire Producer in The World

The Most Stupid Facts In the World
The Most Stupid Facts In the World

It’s toy car tires. LEGO is the biggest tire producer in the world. It produces over 300 million tires every year. It produces tire higher than any other manufacturer in the world as a whole. It’s a stupid fact.

Cell Phones Have More Bacteria Than A Handle In Men’s Restroom

Do you think I am kidding? When is the last time you disinfected your phone?

Though, it’s unlikely that phone cause cancer. Under rare circumstances do they spark fire at a gas station. These two are the commonly known dangers of phones. However, phones are loaded with bacteria.

Research by British Scientists found out that phones carry potentially harmful germs. As compared to toilet handles, they carry 18 times more bacteria.

In Conclusion, stupid facts look dumber. However, they will always make you wiser. You cannot be stupid by learning stupid facts. I hope you enjoyed our list. Share them with your loved ones.

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