The Perfect House To Survive The Apocalypse

The Perfect House To Survive The Apocalypse

You might have heard of a zombie-proof house, isn’t it? If you have then your idea of the perfect house for surviving the apocalypse would be the same. And to an extent, the idea is correct. Ideal homes for surviving a disaster are the same as homes built to offer protection from zombies.

Nevertheless, the possibilities with homes for the apocalypse are endless. You will find shelters across the world that can protect you from nuclear threat and various other disasters. Get their ownership before it is too late.

The Perfect House To Survive The Apocalypse
The Perfect House To Survive The Apocalypse

The Perfect House By KWK Promes

This house features just one entrance and movable walls. The door of the house is on its second floor. You will find it after crossing a sort of drawbridge. It seems to be the perfect opportunity for you to defend the happy life of your entire family. This house is an example of architectural elitism giving you the scope of nesting stylishly.

The Perfect House On Dunbar Rock, Honduras

This house comes with a total of six rooms. All the six rooms in this house located on Dunbar Rock have private balconies and baths. It is 30 feet above a natural, abundant reef. It means you will be getting a lot of fish varieties at this place.

The Cold War Adirondack Park Missile Silo House

Located in the interiors of the Adirondack State Park of Upstate New York, the house was on a cold-war era missile silo. Currently, it is available for sale at a minimal amount of 1.75 million dollars. The house above-ground measures 2, 000 square feet. It has a keypad entry to its basement which measures another 2, 300 square feet. The basement of the house formerly served as the launch control spot. It has now been transformed into an entertainment and dining space.

There are a couple of bedroom suites in this house complete with bathrooms featuring good quality marble. The ceilings are 10-foot tall. It is the perfect dwelling to survive the apocalypse with an open floor plan and simulated daylight.

Summit Shock Incarceration Facility

It is a 37-construction state correctional home with its location in the rural area of Schoharie County. The house is over an area of 10 acres. It lies at a distance of 56 miles from the city of Albany.

Some major amenities included within this house are onsite water distribution mechanism with a couple of drilled wells, water-softening system, and chlorination system. It even features a 100, 000-gallon capacity water tank. Other exclusive features of this house include underground stormwater mechanism; underground sanitary sewer piping; wastewater treatment unit; 600 KW back-up power generator for emergencies and a total of ten bulk storage tanks for storing petroleum.

The Perfect House To Survive The Apocalypse
The Perfect House To Survive The Apocalypse

Nike Missile Base, Southeast Indiana

This property covers an area of 14.5 acres and is the perfect dwelling for surviving the apocalypse with its three underground missile magazines consisting of around 5000 square feet. However, they have transformed one missile magazine into a residence.

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