The Random Facts That You’ll Definitely Want To Know

some interesting facts

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that some random facts are happening in the world right now. It’s not just your imagination. Some of these things are more obvious than others, but they’re all worth thinking about. So let’s dive into them:

Running out of Fossil Fuels

Random Facts

We’re running out of fossil fuels. The world can’t continue to run on fossil fuels. The amount of oil left in the ground is just too small for us to continue to use it at our current rate of consumption. That’s not even mentioning all the environmental damage that comes with it, or that we may have already reached “peak oil” i.e., there may be no more easy-to-get oil left.

Restriction in DNA

Random Facts

We don’t share nearly as much DNA with chimps and bonobos as we thought. This one is pretty up-in-the-air science right now, but a lot of people are really excited about it when the studies come out: apparently we only share about 95% of our genome with bonobos and chimps (compared to 98.5%-99% with most other mammals).


A new study shows that about one in 300 people may be “super-recognizers” – You might think you know your friends and family pretty well, but this new study showed that some people are really good at identifying faces they’ve only seen once before… almost like a superpower. One in 300 people tested is estimated to have “supersight,” or the ability to recognize faces they saw long ago with 100% accuracy.

Living Thing in Human Body

There are more things living on our bodies than we thought. As it turns out, there’s more life on us than we could ever see. Researchers estimate that humans alone are home to at least 1000 different species of microscopic bacteria, 100,000 types of total microbes, and tens of thousands of mites. They evolved with us throughout our evolutionary history. One researcher said it’s more like “we are them, rather than they are us .”

Readily Increase in Population

We have more people living today than the entire world population in 1950 – This is probably obvious to everybody reading this already, but just for context: there are 7.4 billion people on Earth right now, compared to 2.3 billion back in 1950. It really puts into perspective how many more people we have these days.

Industrial Pollution

Industrial processes produce an endless stream of pollution. Most industries release harmful chemicals while manufacturing their goods and agriculture is also a major source of environmental degradation through practices such as land clearing for crops/livestock. Mining is another major issue, either for the destruction of natural areas or because of issues like oil spills/leaks. And on top of all that, industrial pollution has been linked to things like acid rain which destroys waterways and crops.

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