These Space Facts Mercury Will Make You A Space Fan

space facts mercury

Curious to know interesting space facts about Mercury? Or want to gain knowledge about facts related to space and Mercury? Go for this.

The nearest planet to the sun is Mercury, and because of its proximity, you cannot see it, and the exception is during twilight. With every two rotations of the sun, it completes three rotations on its axis. Until 1965, we believe Mercury is continuously facing the sun.

Mercury completes the rotation of the sun faster than the other seven planets. Thus, Romans have given it the name of God, which is a swift-footed messenger.

There are many facts and truths related to space and planet Mercury, and we will try to tell you a bit.

So, let us look into incredible space facts Mercury to blow your mind.

List Of Space Facts Mercury

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1. Temperature Fluctuations Are Extreme: Space Facts Mercury

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Even being the nearest planet to the sun, the surface of Mercury is extremely cold. During daytime, the temperature can reach up to 840° F (450° C), but it can fall to minus 275 F (minus 170 C).

2. One Year On Mercury Will Be Equal To 88 Days

On Mercury, one solar day is equivalent to 176 days on Earth, while the sidereal day is equal to 59 days On Earth.

Mercury is running near the sun, and gradually, this planet’s rotation slows down to match the orbit.

3. Mercury has only 38% of gravity: Space Facts Mercury

Mercury cannot hold the air it has and gets blown by the solar winds. Solar winds also bring in new gases, dust, and radioactive decay from micrometeorites and replenish the atmosphere.

4. It Has No Rings Or Moons: Space Facts Mercury

Mercury doesn’t have a single ring because of the lack of atmosphere and less gravity.

5. Mercury Is Having A Huge Iron Core, Around 40% Of The Volume.

As compared to the 17% inner core volume of Earth, the radius of Mercury is 1800-1900 km. Many scientists believe that the core of Mercury is

6. It Doesn’t Have Strong Magnetic Field: Space Facts Mercury

Space facts Mercury, it has about 1% of the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.

7. Till Now Mercury Has Welcomed Only 2 Spacecrafts

The first visited spacecraft was the Mariner 10 during the year 1974-75.

Second is the MESSENGER probe, which was launched in the year 2004 to explore Mercury’s high-density.

8. Contains More Impact And Craters Marks As Compared To Other Planets Of The Solar System.

Mercury’s surface is like Moon; like other planets, Mercury is not geologically energetic and can’t self-help from bumps with comets and asteroids.

9. Smallest Planet: Space Facts Mercury

Having 4879 km in diameter, Mercury is the smallest planet.

10. It Has Wrinkles: Space Facts Mercury

The surface of Mercury has wrinkles, as the planet’s iron core is contracted and cool.

Conclusion On Space Facts Mercury

All these space facts Mercury are incredibly interesting for you if you love to be in the space universe and always think about planets.

Upgrade your knowledge of space facts Mercury to the fullest!

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