Amazing Facts About Thunderstorms You Should Know

Thunderstorms are bewildering, loud, scary bursts of lightning in the sky. They occur during heavy rain or storm. There are many myths regarding thunderstorms in our history. Here are some amazing thunderstorm facts that you should know.

Thunderstorms make you think about dark, gloomy skies and loud bewildering noises from the skies along with heavy rainfall. Here are some thunderstorm facts you should know.

Amazing Thunderstorm Facts

They Are Gigantic

Cumulonimbus clouds produce these. These clouds are the largest clouds in the atmosphere. These spans more than 300 m meters or as high as 20 km from the ground. They have a towering column shape and an anvil-shaped top.

They Are As Powerful As Atomic Bombs

These clouds pack more than 10 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs. This energy came from the circulation of warm air. In this process, humid and warm air rises from the ground into the atmosphere, where it cools and condenses to form a cloud. The cloud eventually grows in size.

Thunderstorms Are Fast And Frequent

These form quickly and they are very common in places where the air is warm and humid. Lightning strikes the Earth 44 times every second.

Static Electricity Causes Lightning

Water droplets and ice particles move around very quickly inside Cumulonimbus clouds. They also rub against each other constantly. The collisions generate static electricity, and as a result, the top of the cloud as a positive charge and the bottom has a negative charge. Due to this difference, static electricity is discharged, creating lightning.

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Amazing Facts About Thunderstorms You Should Know
Amazing Facts About Thunderstorms You Should Know
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Amazing Facts About Thunderstorms You Should Know
Amazing Facts About Thunderstorms You Should Know
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Amazing Facts About Thunderstorms You Should Know
Amazing Facts About Thunderstorms You Should Know
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