Top 5 Funny And Weird Christmas Facts That Will Surprise You

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Do you know that jingle bells were written for Thanksgiving? Can Santa make the nights longer on Christmas to deliver the gifts? There are so many unknown and weird Christmas facts which you might be not knowing about. Different countries, regions, and people have their own beliefs and rituals for Christmas. Today you will come to know about so many interesting facts about Christmas which you were never knowing. These facts can be funny or horrifying as well.

Jingle Bells Was Written For Thanksgiving

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The most popular song Jingle Bell which we can hear from everyone during Christmas, was written by James Pierport in 1857. It was written for the occasion of Thanksgiving, not for Christmas. It was the first song that was broadcasted from space, and now the whole world sings Jingle bells on the night of Christmas.

Having  A Spider Web On A Christmas Tree Is A Sign Of Good Luck In Germany

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People in Germany believe that if you find the spider web on the Christmas tree, it is a sign of good luck and good wishes. So, the Germans have started decorating their trees with artificial spiders and spider webs, bringing luck and prosperity on Christmas. The actual web on the Christmas tree turns silver and gold once the rays of sunlight touch it. It would be a tremendous eye-catching scenario to watch those webs shining.

Santa Stretches The Time To Distribute The Gift Is One Of The Weird Christmas Facts You Would Ever Know.

There are so many children in the world who wish to have different gifts from Santa Claus on the occasion of Christmas. But as per UNICEF, if Santa has to distribute all the gifts in a single night, then he has to be very fast enough, even more than the speed of light. Professor Larry Silverberg suggested that Santa might be using the relative cloud theory in which Santa can extend the time like a rubber band and give the gifts to all the children.

More Breakups In Two Weeks Before The Christmas

As per the data analyzed from different social media platforms, it is found that the maximum number of relationships end up two weeks before Christmas. The number of breakups increase either two weeks after valentine’s or before Christmas. It is one of the weirdest facts which you would come to know.

Japanese Eat At KFC To Celebrate Christmas.

During Christmas, the Japanese have their way of celebrating Christmas. They would visit the nearest KFC store and enjoy their Christmas by having some fried chicken. Also, KFC has organized a Christmas Dinner which would include some fried chicken and wine. Even these packages are parceled at the home if you can’t visit the store.


This is for sure that you might have got shocked after reading all these weird Christmas facts. These facts are different and are followed by so many people for a very long time. It is their belief and their way of celebrating Christmas with their friends and family.

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