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Is there anything more awe-inspiring than all the heavenly elements in the space? With the advancements in technology, space is becoming easier to decipher. But, what lies beyond this planet is still an unsolved mystery. This is what keeps the space lovers intrigued and interested.

Being a space lover is hard! Going to space and unraveling the secrets that it beholds is, unfortunately, a dream that might not be realized anytime soon. So, all the space enthusiasts have to be satisfied with exploring the unknown from the Earth.

If you know someone who loves space, there are hundreds of gifts that will satiate their need for exploration and information about the unknown. Whether the gift is for their birthday, Christmas, or any festivity, it will surely be a hit. What more? We have curated a list of top 10 things that you can gift to a space lover in 2020.

Monocular Space Telescope

A monocular space telescope is a miniature version of the telescope. It is a low powered telescope that can be easily carried and placed anywhere. The telescope can be used to see distant objects in the sky. It is an appropriate gift for all space lovers.

This amazing monocular telescope will help you in seeing the stars clearly. It is great for amateurs and kids as it is not very complex and can be used in a hassle-free manner. It also has three different eyepieces for different magnification. This will help you in the easy adjustment of the sizes and distances.

The telescope is made of aerospace aluminum which is a great material. It will last a long time and is very durable. You also get a free tripod with this telescope so that you can place the telescope on it and watch the stars light up the night sky.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

Compact Deluxe Finderscope

A finder-scope is a compact aiming device that helps you see more of the sky. It can also be mounted on the main telescope for better view of the stars. You can find something easily with the finder-scope and then look into the telescope for a magnified version of the same. A finder-scope makes it easier to locate things in the night sky.

This finder-scope will guide you in capturing the best quality astrophotos. With 60mm aperture guide scope and a built-in helical focus device for precise focusing on the potential guide stars, you can easily find the star that you are looking for. You can also use it as a straight-through finderscope with the optional 1.25-inch interface.

The finder-scope is a perfect gift for someone who loves to see the space. The finder-scope comes with a 60mm Primary Mirror, a Guiding Bracket with a 90mm Dovetail Plate, a 1.25-inch Helical Focus and 6 Metal Thumbscrews. You can count on its durability.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

Dew Heater Strip

Dew can affect your telescope adversely and might cause harm to it. So, you need a dew heater strip to save your telescope from any harm. There are many dew heater strips available in the market but we know the best one for you.

This dew heater strip protects your precious telescope from dew. It is covered with a cloth with foam for insulation on the outer side to ensure its maximum efficiency. You can use it with the help of a USB Power Bank.

Use the dew heater strip so that you can still watch the sky in the middle of winters. It is also an ideal gift for someone who owns a telescope or a DSLR camera. It comes in various sizes so you can choose the one that fits your objectives.  

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

Omni Eyepiece And Barlow Lens

The eyepiece is a device that is attached to different optical devices like the microscope and the telescope. It helps your eyes focus on objects more closely than you can normally. The objective lens focuses on the image and the eyepiece magnifies the image. The amount of magnification is according to the focal length of the eyepiece that you use.

This eyepiece enables you to have a field of view of the planets, stars and the objects in the deep-sky. It offers quality elements with the Plossl optical design. The Barlow Lens is a non-expensive way to increase the magnification and also provide relief to the eyes.  

The eyepiece has a rubber eye-cup which makes it easy to use. It comes in different models: 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 32mm and 40mm. You also get 2 Barlow Lenses with the package. These eyepieces will make the whole experience easier for you. It is a must-buy for all the lovers’of space.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

Eight Planets Bead Bracelet

If you are in love with space and the planets, then the bead bracelet is the accessory that you need. And it is also a perfect gift for someone who loves all things space. The planets are one of the most awe-inspiring elements in the space. The eight planets of our solar system are so different and beautiful than wearing them on your wrist will make it look brighter and prettier.

Imagine yourself carrying the planets on your wrist. It is possible with this bead bracelet. This is a unisex bracelet so it suits men and women alike. It is a stunning gift for astronomers and people who are fascinated by astronomy. The bracelet is also called a ‘chakra bracelet’.

The planets are made of natural stones which will not let these fade or rust. The bracelet looks very trendy and it can add the extra factor to your clothes. Also, it will attract the fancy of others around you! It is a very comfortable and fashionable accessory. So, for all these amazing features it a must-have bracelet.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

3D Universe Glass Globe

Glass globes have long been the favorite things to gift and also adorn in the house. The glass globe makes the room look amazing. The universe captured in a 3D glass globe can be an appropriate gift for anyone and especially for someone who loves space.

This glass globe has the universe in the middle of it. It makes any room look cool and heavenly. The unique design of this globe makes the place look galactic. You can place it anywhere like offices, schools, living rooms, study rooms and any other room. Additionally, the globe also has a light that changes automatically.

The globe comes in two sizes: 6cm and 8cm. It is not very heavy so you can easily place it anywhere you want. Just a simple recommendation would be to place it at a secure place. Take care as it can break very easily due to its glass body.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

3D Solar System Crystal Glass Ball

Glass balls look amazing as a centerpiece. It is also one of the best gifts for people who love to decorate their homes with beautiful show-pieces.

The solar system crystal ball adds a factor of beauty to the room. It also captures the eye of anyone who comes into the room due to its unique design and its ability to capture the whole solar system. Additionally, the light in the globe also changes colors by itself.

It is also an educational tool as it gives information regarding all the planets of the solar system. This is the best gift for children as it teaches them a lot about the planets. Also, it will make them remember the planets for a long time as they will see it every day when they enter the room. It comes in two sizes: 60mm and 80mm. You will need to buy a stand to place the glass ball on. We recommend that you should buy a secure stand so that the ball doesn’t fall and break.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

Solar System Model

The solar system is one of the most fascinating elements of the universe. Everyone from kids to adults loves to know about it. But, the theory of the solar system is not as interesting as a practical model of the solar system. What if you can assemble a model of the solar system?

This solar system model gives you a chance to assemble and set-up the whole solar system. It is a good gift for the children as it will help them learn about how the solar system works. This model educates the children about the positions of the different planets and their different aspects.

It also glows in the dark so you can keep it in a dark room and see the solar system light up. The children will love it. The model is ideal for children of age 6 and above. You should have no worries about the children getting hurt. It is durable and will not break easily so you can let your children have fun with it!

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

DIY Solar System Model  

The movement of the Earth around the sun is an intriguing theory that the children should know about. DIY Solar System model gives the children a chance to construct a model themselves which will help them in learning more about it.

It educates the children about how the sun, earth and moon move. This model is ideal for five years and above as it has small elements that can hurt small children. It is very durable as it made of wood.

The solar system toolkit is a great gift for the kids. It can be assembled easily and is very durable. It is one of the best ways to make the kids learn.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

Planet Solar System Toy

The planet solar system too has dual benefits. You can use it as a night lamp and projector. It lights up the room in education and fun way. You can even teach the children about the planets by projecting them on the wall in front of them.      

You can place it in the rooms of toddlers aged two and above. And do not worry about children tripping on the cords as it is operated with batteries. The plastic will not break and harm the kids.

It is also an ideal gift for kids as they love space and it will fascinate them. This amazing toy is a great source of light in the room. We recommend you to keep it away from fire or high temperatures.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration
Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give To People Who Love Space Exploration

Next time you need an idea for a gift for any space lover, you do not have to think twice. Just open this list and you are sorted. They will love these gifts and it brings them closer to space and its secrets!

10-30x25mm Monocular High-Quality Telescope

Monocular telescopes are handy telescopes where you can still view the celestial objects from above. Here are many to choose from. But sometimes they are prone to breakage. That’s why it is important to know the best ones out there.

This monocular telescope features great vision. It is also waterproof with a 10-30x focus. Made of aluminum, it projects perfect quality mapping and wide-angle vision. Also, the product has a classical optical polishing technology.

10-In-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

There are many accessories for your phone. But most of the time, capturing a photo during the night can be a failure especially when your phone doesn’t have that many features. Fortunately, there are things you can do to still have the capability to capture different things in the dark. You can even capture the stars during nighttime.

This product will give you beautiful photographs due to the different lenses type. Its ability to be portable and detachable makes it a perfect photography accessory. This is compatible with most phones out there.

Monocular Waterproof Spotting Scope With Universal Phone Adapter

Monocular telescopes are good at viewing the night sky. It has only one viewing port but still gives you a perfect view of the stars. It is advisable to have a decent one in order to maximize your stargazing experience.

This product can give you a high magnification. You can enlarge or reduce freely with its 25-65x magnification. In addition to that, it has a bright field of view and high light transmittance. You can also connect your phone to take photos easily. This is a perfect tool for bird watching and star gazing.

Pirate Spyglass With Free Leather Bag

Add more immersion to your outdoor activities or sea adventures by the use of this spyglass. Spyglasses are tools that allow you to view distant objects as well. They come in different sizes and styles. But choosing the best one around is highly recommended.

This pirate spyglass is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and high-quality leather for a stylish design. It also has durable metal parts and a shiny brass finish. Its portable and collapsible design is perfect for your pirate collection. Lastly, the product gives you an high-definition with its blue coating lens.

Unisex Cabochon Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Necklaces are perfect accessories that you can give to your loved ones. They are one of the sentimental gifts you can ever give to them. They can be made as perfect pieces of jewelry for you as well.

This zodiac pendant necklace is a unique ornament for your daily use. It has a beautiful link chain that adds a stylish touch on all outfits. This is definitely a great gift for men and women of all ages.

Waterproof Monocular Spotting Scope With Tripod

Monocular telescopes are good for stargazing or viewing nature’s best. But sometimes, one must consider that not all the best things happen on a bright, sunny day. That is the reason why you should invest in something that is waterproof as well.

This waterproof spotting scope comes with a tripod to give you the perfect stability for every shot. It has an effective magnification, short mirror body, and focal length. It can also give you bright and clear imaging with its 70mm lens diameter. The product also has an enhanced multi-layer broadband green film.

Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace

Necklaces are one of the sentimental things you can give your loved ones. There are countless of necklaces around. But if you wanted something that reflects the zodiacs, this one is one of the best out there.

This zodiac sign necklace is very fashionable and stylish to wear. The product is made from high-quality zinc alloy and glass that shows clear zodiac sign constellations. Each pendant represents a zodiac sign, so it’s advisable to try to collect them all.

Compact Deluxe Guide Scope Finderscope

Sometimes, having telescopes is not enough. There are times that we need to see it clearly in order to have a better understanding of the night sky. That’s what finderscopes are for.

This device will serve as a guide as you capture higher quality astrophotos. It has a 60mm aperture guide scope with a helical focuser for precise focusing of viewing guide stars. Additionally, it can also be used as a straight-through finderscope with optional 1.25”

Mini High Magnification Monocular Telescope For Mobile Phones

Being ready to capture photos right from the get-go is a must-have capability nowadays. Also, most people rely on their smartphones in order to do such a thing. But what if you want to capture objects in the sky? Monocular telescopes can be your companion.

This product features a durable optical glass and adjustable focal length for maximum viewing of celestial bodies. Made from ABS, it is guaranteed lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It is also fully compatible with all kinds of smartphones.

High-Quality Monocular Telescope For Mobile Phones

There are a lot of monocular telescopes out there, but only a dew are high-quality ones. Sometimes, we need monocular telescopes in order to zoom in into the objects that caught our attention. Fortunately, can also be mounted into our smartphone that raises the quality tenfold.

This high-quality monocular telescope is suitable for all types of mobile phone lens due to its universal design. It is also capable of protecting your home from scratches with its soft material eyepiece. It is also perfect for picture taking with a telescope or any mobile phone.

DIY Science Toys Kids Solar System Model

Planet-related things are very kid-friendly topics that you can expose to them at an early age. This learning toy will help you teach them things related to astronomy. It is perfect for both young and adults alike.

This solar system model for kids can help in educating children on how the earth, sun, and moon move. Made of wood, it is perfectly safe for the ages five and above. Ordering the product will give you one full set of this DIY science toy kit.

Personalized Star Map Wall Decoration

There are many ways to decorate a home. It all depends on personal preferences. It is even possible to have a star-themed layout for a dedicated wall of your house.

This star map wall décor is made of high-quality grade canvas that can last for up to 30 years. It is a very meticulous kind of souvenir. This product is also great as a gift during special occasions to remind your loved ones about you.

NIKULA Fully Coated 7x18mm Monocular Telescope

With the help of monocular telescopes, we are capable of seeing distant objects in a clearer view. A monocular is a refracting telescope used to magnify images of distant things by the use of prisms and lenses. Because of that, monocular telescopes are lightweight as well.

This product has optics that are fully coated to allow more brightness. It also features night vision capabilities. It is the perfect gear for concerts, sporting events, and other important events. Ordering this product gives you a black monocular.

Waterproof Long Range Monocular

Try to have a better view of celestial objects by using this awesome monocular telescope. It will give you a clearer vision and a better field of view. Monocular telescopes actually work by utilizing a series of prisms and lenses.

This long-range monocular not only has a high-power magnification, but it also has a waterproof, dustproof, and fog proof attributes. It is perfect for any climate and weather. In addition to that, it is also compatible with most smartphones around.

Solar System Planetary Instrument Model

Give your children some early knowledge about astronomy by letting them play with things related to astronomy. There are countless learning materials around, ranging from toys to charts. But sometimes, you’ll need a concrete object in order to maximize their learning potential.

This solar system planetary model will surely give your children a fun experience when learning. It educates children about the planetary arrangement in our solar system. The product is also luminous when in the dark.

3D Wooden Educational Puzzle Toy

3D Wooden Jigsaw Board Puzzle

Puzzles are tools that help stimulate your children’s mental capabilities. There are many puzzle pieces around. But one must consider a toy that is perfectly safe for children.

This jigsaw board is made of high-quality wood that is guaranteed to last long. It is also smoothly polished to eliminate and rough edges. This will surely be a great toy to develop your children’s practical ability and hand-brain coordination.

3x3x3 Compact Mirror Blocks Brain Puzzle Teaser

Mirror blocks are excellent puzzle pieces that will surely improve your children’s mental capacity. Puzzle pieces are also proven to improve hand-eye coordination. There are many puzzle pieces around, each has its unique set of benefits.

This product is not just your ordinary magic cube. The puzzle’s unique mirror design makes it a more challenging puzzle. It also has a compact and portable design that makes it a perfect toy to test your memory and patience. Moreover, it can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

7×7 Colorful Magic Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube is one of the most common puzzles around. There are a lot of variations of Rubik’s cube around. It all depends on your mental capacity to solve such puzzles.

This 7×7 Rubik’s cube is made of plastic which is safe to use and non-toxic. It improves memory and hand skills. It is the best tool when you want to kill time.

Classic IQ Metal Brain Puzzle Teaser

This unusual puzzle piece is very effective in stimulating your brain. It can be a perfect tool for past times. Such a unique and unusual kind will give you more challenge when solving it.

This puzzle teaser is made from a zinc alloy that ensures durability. It is built to help improve thinking and flexible finger coordination with mathematical principles. This tool is a perfect tool for destressing.

Classic IQ Wooden Puzzle

Unusual puzzle pieces can sometimes give you a new experience in solving things. Solving puzzles are scientifically proven to improve the brain to make us sharper and more coordinated in our movements. There are many unusual puzzle pieces around depending on our personal preferences.

This classic IQ wooden puzzle is a perfect tool for passing time or just to avoid gadgets and electronics, even for a while. This product can test your logical thinking and improve your mind. It can also be a perfect gift for any occasion for kids and adults alike.

Classic Pyramid Plate Puzzle

There are many different sets of puzzle pieces around. It all depends on our personal preferences. Some are unusual, while others are common.

But one thing is for sure, they all stimulate and improve our minds. This pyramid puzzle is not an exception. Made from high-quality ABS and AS, it is guaranteed safe and non-toxic. The product also has different colors to choose from that will surely make your kids enjoy.

Classical Intelligent Lock Key Ring Puzzle

There are many unusual puzzle pieces around. Each of them has its own benefits for the mind. One thing is for sure, puzzle pieces stimulate the mind in an excellent way.

This lock key puzzle is the best option for improving and developing your kid’s brain. Made of zinc alloy and copper plating, it is guaranteed to last longer and won’t rust and fade easily. It can also be a perfect gift that you can give your loved ones.

Colorful Wooden Tangram Jigsaw Puzzle

There are many puzzle pieces around that help stimulate our minds and coordination. Puzzle pieces are also great as a means to kill time. Whenever you’re bored, you can just play a puzzle.

This tangram puzzle is made from superior quality wood that is safe and non-toxic to the user, it is also eco-friendly, odorless and smooth-edged. This tool can serve as a perfect brain stimulator to improve one’s imagination and creativity.

Intelligence Magic Puzzle Wooden Secret Box

There are countless puzzle pieces that are available on the market. Some of those are quite unusual for the first-timer. But one thing is for sure- they do their job well by stimulating and improving our logical thinking.

This magic puzzle wooden box is an unusual puzzle of its kind.  It is a fun and gadget-free way of killing time if you’re fond of puzzles and mazes. Its unique design will surely let you amaze someone and make them wonder what’s inside the box.

IQ Rope Wooden Puzzle Teaser

Puzzle teasers are one of the unusual puzzles ever made. But one thing is for sure, they still stimulate the mind and improve hand-eye coordination. Puzzle pieces are so beneficial it can either be for educational purposes or used for pastimes.

This rope wooden puzzle teaser is made from pure wood that is guaranteed eco-friendly. It is also grease-resistance, wear, and corrosion resistance. The coating came from a water-based mixture that is non-toxic. This tool is useful for encouraging children to improve their mental skills or relieving boredom.

Magnetic Wooden Educational Pen Maze

Mazes are one of the puzzles in which you’ll surely get occupied. They are best for pastimes and require a lot of thinking in order to beat the challenge. Mazes can really give you a mental challenge in order to get to the end.

This education toy is built from high-quality wood that is guaranteed safe for children. It will help develop their ability to control and improve their hand-eye coordination. It is also built-in lightweight materials that ensure portability wherever you go.

Vintage Metal Cast Lock Key Puzzle

Improve your logical thinking by solving puzzles when in your free time. It is proven that exercising our mind by solving puzzles can improve on ways of thinking and coordination. There are a lot of puzzles to choose from.

This lock key puzzle is built in a simplistic design that will really catch your interest. It helps boost IQ and EQ thinking as well. Moreover, it gives you a sense of fulfillment every time you finish the puzzle.

Petal Tetrahedron Triangle Magic Cube

There are many magic cubes around. Some aren’t even cubes at all! Still, they do their jobs well. That is to stimulate our minds and improve our logical thinking.

This tetrahedron magic cube is made of superior ABS plastic with internal springs for adding adjustable tightness. It is built eco-friendly, smooth and has round corners. This educational toy also features anti-pop technology to allow faster turning and smoother mechanisms.

Skewed Speed Magic Cube

Magic cubes are one of the most common puzzle tools out there. They can really stimulate our thinking during our free time. It can also be therapeutic in some way when solving this thing while providing a challenge.

This skewed magic cube is made from superior-quality materials that are safe and eco-friendly. It also features a brand-new design. Its smooth corners allow for faster turning. The product can be an excellent gift for your loved ones.

Rope Logical Puzzle Teaser

There are many unusual puzzle pieces. This one is a perfect example of it. But one thing is for, they are excellent in improving our critical thinking.

This educational toy is perfect for developing your brain’s problem-solving and logical skills. Made from high-quality wood, it is very durable and portable at the same time. It also allows your brain to relax while playing this toy.

Rainbow Magic Ball Toy for Kids

There are many educational toys available across the market.  Most of them are puzzles. However, there are some products that don’t require to be a puzzle in order to stimulate our brains.

This magic ball toy is the perfect gift you can give your loved ones. Made of ABS and foam, it ensures an eco-friendly use and non-toxic. It allows kids to learn on their own and improve memory and hand-eye coordination.

Sticker less Dodecahedron Speed Cube

Make time fast by solving speed puzzle cubes. There are many types of puzzle cubes available across the market. Solving puzzles can also be therapeutic when done during your spare time.

This product can surely help develop and train memory while improving logical thinking as well. Made from ABS plastic, it is guaranteed non-toxic to play with. It can also be a great gift for your loved ones.

Story Telling Dice Game Toy

Listening to a story is one of the most therapeutic ways of relaxing. It can also stimulate your brain to further improve your imagination. It is advisable to try telling a story at least some time in your life.

This educational toy will help you develop your imagination and creativity. It is also made with durable materials that ensure long-lasting usage. It is perfect for kids that wish to develop their self-expression.

Traditional Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Puzzle games are excellent ways for improving your mind. It is one of the most effective tools for learning. There are many puzzle games around, so choose what’s best for you.

This wooden puzzle may look simplistic, but it contains a lot of mysteries. It improves your mental capabilities and helps you relax at the same time. You can use this tool to test your mental strength and hand coordination.

Wood Cage Educational Puzzle Toy

Solving puzzle toys can be an excellent form of pastime. They improve your learning and help relax your brain at the same time. Choose the best one that is effective for you.

This wooden cage puzzle may be made from a simple design, but it contains a lot of mysteries waiting to be solved. It certainly helps develop your intelligence and improves your ability to balance. This product is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Wooden Tangram Brain Teaser Puzzle

Tangrams give you the freedom to construct geometric ideas. It can be a very powerful form of brain exerciser. In addition to that, tangrams boost creativity for all ages.

This wooden tangram brain teaser comes with beautiful colors that will surely attract kids and adults alike. Made from 100% wood, it is safe for use and non-toxic. This educational toy helps kids train their hand-eye coordination, and color and shape recognition.

Wooden Puzzle

Solving can be a perfect means of improving your mind. It helps you think clearly and logically. There are countless puzzle types that are available in the market.

This educational toy helps improve short term memory. It can also aid you in remembering shapes and colors. They will surely learn how to be patient.

Wooden Educational Puzzles for Children

Solving puzzles can be a worthwhile experience. Not only it is challenging, but also therapeutic as well. However, one must choose an effective puzzle in order to maximize the learning experience.

This educational puzzle comes with a set. It has a lot of puzzles to choose from. These toys are a guaranteed perfect brain exercise that suits your style and needs.

Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle

Solving puzzles can be a worthwhile and rewarding experience. They can be therapeutic at times. But one thing where they’re best at – improving your memory.

This educational product will surely improve your IQ and EQ. It is meticulously made to improve your creative thinking and decision making. This product can be a perfect gift for family and friends.

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