Top Ancient Amazing Wonders

Ancient world developed amazing wonders.  From the Pyramid of Giza to hanging gardens in Babylon, this article discusses top facts about seven world wonders.

1. The Colossus Of Rhodes

The statue of Liberty in New York construction was in the 19th Century. It was an idea to represent how the Colossus of Rhodes looked like.

The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue built in 290 BC. It was overlooking on the Island of Rhodes. The statue was more than 30 Meters tall. It only stood for 56 years, and an earthquake toppled it. The statue depicted the Sun male personification, the Titan Helios.

2. The Halicarnassus Mausoleum

Any grand tomb today is described by a ‘mausoleum.’ Named after the tomb of Mausolos of Caria. He was a Persian Empire and a 4th Century BC Satrap. The tomb was 45m tall. Decorations of a chariot pulled by four horse accompanied the tomb.  

3. The Ephesus Temple Of Artemis

In the 7th Century BC, the original temple of Artemis fell. The fame-hungry Herostratus burnt down its reconstruction in 356 BC. Later in 323 BC, another temple was reconstructed. It was 450ft long by 60 ft high and 225ft wide. More than 127 Columns were used to support the temple. The 268 AD Gothic raids later wrecked the temple.

4. The Alexandria Lighthouse

In the ancient world, Pharos was a Greek word used to describe a lighthouse. Its name was after the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

The lighthouse was on Pharos island in the 247 BC. It was a 140M tall building built by Ptolemy I. The lighthouse was purposely used as a guide into Alexandria’s harbor for sailors.

5. The Giza Great Pyramid

The Kingdom of Pharaoh Khufu construction ended in 2560 BC. The pyramid of Giza is the largest and oldest pyramid outside Cairo. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The amazing fact is that the Pyramid was the tallest human-made construction for over 4,000 years. The structure for the first time came in the second place after the completion of Lincoln Cathedral in AD 1311.

6. The Statue Of Zeus

Top Ancient Amazing Wonders
Top Ancient Amazing Wonders

In 432 BC, the statue of seated Zeus god stood in public. The Olympia house housed the statue.  The figure was 12m tall.

It’s an amazing fact that Caligula the eccentric Roman Emperor wanted the statue in Rome. He wanted the god’s head replaced with his head sculpture.

 It’s believed that, when his workers went to carry the statue, it laughed loudly. The workers fled and left the king’s sculpture.

The king dropped the idea of replacing the god image with his sculpture.

7. The Babylon Hanging Gardens

The Nebuchadnezzar II built the Gardens in 562 BC. The king created the gardens to comfort her wife, Amytis.

Amytis was homesick and missed the plants of Media, her homeland.

The innovation was legendary. However, there are no tablet references of the hanging gardens.

It’s amazing how some structure exists up to date. The pyramids of Giza are in Egypt, and the ruins of the hanging garden are visible in the middle east.

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