Top Five Amazing Facts Of The World Deserts

Deserts are known for being harsh. The temperatures are extremely high; they are in remote areas, and water is a problem. With these facts, it’s easy to assume that deserts are dull and boring. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Desert can be harsh but fascinating at the same time. This article lists the top amazing facts about deserts that you didn’t know.

1. Dung Beetle Is The Most Unusual Insect Found In Deserts

Dung Beetles is also known as Scarab. The beetle is known for living exclusively on animal dung. It eats and rolls down animal waste.

It’s very unusual to find this insect surviving on deserts. In deserts, there are few chances of getting animal dung. However, the beetle burrows a hole to get shelter.

2. African Wild Dog Is The Most Ravenous Predator In The Desert

Top Five Amazing Facts Of The World Deserts
Top Five Amazing Facts Of The World Deserts

The dogs hunt in a pack of 40 animals. They take down any animal regardless of its size. African dogs majorly hunt Antelopes, warthogs, wildebeest, foxes, and ostriches.

The most interesting part is that the dogs do not attack humans. They only make attacks on humans when they are starving.

The chances of surviving a wild dog are low. The dogs are ravenous, vicious, and swift.

3. The Bushmen In The Kalahari Desert Use ‘Bi’ Root For Water.

The Kalahari Desert is in Namibia, South Africa. The people who live in the desert have adapted to water insufficiency. For hydration, the Bushmen use a unique root called ‘Bi.’

The Bi is a root bulb that has milkfish liquid. During extreme temperatures, people get the root to keep themselves hydrated.

Other Facts about the Kalahari Desert include;

i.    It’s the Oldest Desert.

The Kalahari Desert is the oldest Desert in the world. According to scientists, the desert is approximately 80 million years. The second oldest desert is believed to be Sahara which is 3 million years old.

ii.    It has the World Tallest Sand Dunes

The Kalahari Desert is full of amazing facts. The desert has many tall dunes. The dunes on the Kalahari Desert are up to 200 meter high. Most tourists visit the desert to see the spectacular dunes.

4. Inland Taipan Is The Fiercest Desert Snake

The desert of Australia is the home of the fiercest snake. Scientists, rank the snake as the most venomous snake in the world. A single bite will eject venom that is enough to kill 80 men. The venom of Taipan is ten times the venom of the dangerous King Cobra.

5. The Hottest Place On Earth Is On The Sahara Desert

Top Five Amazing Facts Of The World Deserts
Top Five Amazing Facts Of The World Deserts

The most amazing fact about Sahara is not its temperature. Despite its temperature, in 1979, the Sahara Desert received snowfall. The snow fell in the hottest desert. Scientists have never found an explanation for this phenomenon. The fall took 30 Minutes continuously. It later took a few hours for the snow to melt down.


The final fact concerns the Arctic Desert. It is the only desert with the highest species of plants and animals. It’s home to over 120 different animal and 700 plant species. The plants include shrubs, grasses, and Lichen. The animal species include fishes, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

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