Top Fun Facts For Kids

Children are always asking questions. They are curious. Kids will ask you anything. A times children can make you think you are dumb. Therefore, knowing fun facts for kids will help you answer the questions. Below are the top facts for kids.

Nature Fun Facts For Kids

  • Nature is the first thing the children observe. They are likely to ask any question concerning nature phenomenon. Appear smart by using the following facts.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the world longest reef system. It is found in Australia, Queensland.
  • The only fruit whose seeds grows outside is strawberry.
  • A lightning strike can be hotter than the sun. The temperatures can go up to 30,000-degree Celsius.

Earth Facts

Top Fun Facts For Kids
Top Fun Facts For Kids
  • The earth is the most special planet in the solar system. It’s the third one from the sun. It’s the only planet that sustains life.
  • The earth is made of 70% water systems. 11% is the land that is used to grow crops. Ice covers 11% of the earth size.
  • The surface of the earth core is hotter than the solar surface. It’s around 7,500 Kelvins.
  • Strong earthquakes in the sea cause deadly waves. Tsunamis and volcano eruptions are as a result of earthquakes.

Space Facts

  • The stars controlled calendar and navigation in the ancient days. There were no google maps.
  • The galaxy has over 300 billion stars. There over 125 billion galaxies that revolve around our universe.
  • A falling star forms a black hole. The dying star has a strong gravitational force that sucks everything around it.
  • The solar system is made up of gas, dust, minor planets, comets, moons, and major planets.
  • Millions of man-made satellites revolve around the earth.

Sports Science Facts

Top Fun Facts For Kids
Top Fun Facts For Kids
  • Jogging, are aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercise is a physical activity done over an extended period. Exercise that is intensive for a short period is called the Anaerobic exercise. These include activities such as sprinting.
  • Swimming gears smoothly glide over the water as compared to human skin. The swimwear is made of design and fabric that is friendly to water.
  • The snowboards and skates used by snowboarders heat the ice beneath. They glide on thin snow ice.
  • The common sports injuries are; foot aches, muscle pulls, cramps, sprained ankles, shin splint, tennis elbow, and back strains.
  • The standard tennis racquets have a high level of tension abilities. It can retain tension of up to 70 pounds while playing tennis. The strings help in reducing the power need to give the game control.
  • The most common sports are athletics, football, rugby, basketball, swimming, and dancing. There are over 1000 different sports registered for the Olympics.

In conclusion, the fun facts for kids are important to the parents. It gives them the knowledge to educate their kids and shape their lives. As a parent, you need to know almost everything. Children trust their parents more than anyone else. When you teach them, they end up learning quickly. The children are also likely to believe everything a parent says to them. Therefore, it’s important to load yourself with facts. It will be unfortunate to let your children believe in lies.

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