Top Ten Funny Statistics

Did you know an average person eats food amounting to over 1500 pounds every year? The world is full of funny statistics. Below are top funny statistics from all over the world.

August Has The Highest Birth Days

Most babies are born in August. The least number of babies are born in February. This is a funny statistic by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. July, August, and September are the Months with the highest number of newborns.

An Average Person Sleeps In 7 Minutes

Different researches have been done to find out the average number of hours an individual requires to sleep. All studies seem to agree on the time a person falls asleep in 7 minutes. Within seven minutes, a person enters the Alpha stage. Meditation and prayer bring people to this stage of the sleeping cycle.

Strawberries Contain Less Sugar Than Lemons

Strawberry is 40% sugar. A lemon is 70% sugar. The lemon is soar because of a high level of citric acid. The level of citric acid ranges from 3% to 6% in a single lemon. The taste of lemon can be misleading. You could probably think that Lemons do not have sugar content in them.

Australia Does Not Have Active Volcanoes

The recent volcano eruption in Australia is estimated to have happened over 5,000 years ago. The eruptions were in Shank, Gambier and Burr mountains. The funny statistics show that the other Volcanoes have erupted over a million years ago.

85% Of Plants Are Found In The Ocean

Top Ten Funny Statistics
Top Ten Funny Statistics

It’s funny statistics. Right? The whole earth surface is covered by the plantation. Despite the vegetation cover, it does not get anywhere near the plants in the ocean.

Three-quarters of the earth surface is covered by water. The marine biomes have estuaries and coral reefs. The waters hold 85% of the plant on the earth surface.

Hawaiian Alphabet Is Shorter Than Standard Alphabet

The standard Alphabet consists of 26 letters. The current Hawaiian alphabet, on the other hand, have only 13 letters. It has Eight Consonants and Five vowels. The letters are A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P, and W. The Alphabetical order of the letters also differ from normal alphabets. The Vowels comes first followed by the consonants. These are the only letters used in the Hawaiian language and literature.

The Most Used Letter In Alphabet Is E

There are 26 letters in Alphabet but they are not all used the same. The most used letter is E. In most cases, every sentence uses letter E at least once. The secondly used letters are A, T, O, I, and N. Letter S takes the third place. The letter that is used least in the alphabet is letter Q.

Cats sleep 66% Of Their Life

Top Ten Funny Statistics
Top Ten Funny Statistics

Funny statistics show that cats have the most interesting lives. Spending 66% of time sleeping is interesting. They spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping. Cats sleep during the day and nights. They are more active during the dusk and dawn. No other domestic animal that spends such amount of time sleeping.

The last funny fact is that 90% of people in the world kisses. Are you among the 10% or 90%? It’s a crazy world with funny statistics.

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